Upgrade to the processing version of regional Suomi-NPP data

An upgrade to the processing version of EARS-ATMS, EARS-CrIS and EARS-VIIRS is planned for 27 November.

Thursday, 09 November 2017

The processing of regional data from the Suomi-NPP satellite (EARS-ATMS, EARS-CrIS and EARS-VIIRS) will be upgraded to software version 6.0 of the RT-STPS software and software version 3.0 of the CSPP software. This change is mostly transparent to the users. Only VIIRS data show some updated attributes for quality monitoring.

The change of the ATMS calibration to Block 2.0 ADL Version 5.3.16 (Mx3) has already been accommodated by a software patch earlier this year, and will not change with this software upgrade.

For details of the new software package see:

Although no impact on users is expected, sample files processed with the new software configuration are available on our FTP server, to test your applications.

See: ftp://ftp.eumetsat.int/pub/OPS/out/test-data/Test-data-for-External-Users/EARS_SNPP_SW_Upgrade_Nov2017/

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