Release of new version of Sentinel-3 processing guide

A new version of the Sentinel-3 Product Unit Generation Function (PUGF) v3.32 is due to be released for processing on 11 January at 11:05 UTC.

Tuesday, 09 January 2018

The Product Unit Generation Function is a dedicated processing chain integrated in the Processing Function.

This release contains fixes of anomalies related to:

  • Image size description in SL_2_WST product manifest, which is now reporting values consistent with the netCDF dimension.
  • PDU Frame Coordinate values for products distributed in frames (i.e. OLCI L1/L2 Full resolution, SLSTR L1/L2 NRT and SLSTR L1 NTC).*

*Note: a frame is identified by means of a fixed reference system based on along track coordinate and along orbit cycle coordinate. The along track coordinate identifies the product frame start point with respect to a fixed orbit position (e.g. ANX). Each frame is stepped by a constant time interval along the orbit track. The along orbit cycle coordinate identifies the relative orbit number within the orbit cycle.

The Sentinel-3 PDGS products naming convention contains the frame coordinate information in the instance ID field:

MMM = Mission ID
SS = Sensor ID
L = Processing Level
TTTTTT = Data Type ID instrument specific (eg EFR. WFR, RBT, ......)
yyyymmddThhmmss = Sensing StartTime
Instance ID for the instrument data products disseminated in “frames”:
Duration, ”_”, cycle number, ”_”, relative orbit number, ”_”, frame along track coordinate

Due to an existing anomaly the frame along track coordinate was not correctly calculated and was affected by +/- one second fluctuations resulting in frames covering the same geographical area having different coordinate values (relative orbit number and frame along track coordinate). This will be solved with the new version.

The frame along track coordinate, corresponding to the same geographical coverage, will have the same value for each cycle. The same relative orbit number and the same frame position along the orbit is contained in the same frame area within each cycle.

The information in the Product Name will the contain a unique identifier that can be used to select products, acquired in different cycles, covering the same geographical area.

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