Sentinel-3 OLCI Marine reprocessed data release

From 11 January, OLCI reprocessed data for the time period 26 April 2016–29 November 2017 will start to be available through the CODA reprocessed download service.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Sentinel-3 OLCI Marine reprocessed data release

The Level 2 full resolution data will be released incrementally, starting from today (11 Jan) and should be fully available by Monday 15 January. Also on Monday 15 January all the L2 OLCI reduced resolution data will begin to be released.

Next week (Week 03) the Level 1 full and reduced resolution data will be released incrementally (oldest data first), with the complete dataset expected to be available a few days later.

The processing baseline for these data is v2.23.

Note: the reprocessed data are produced in 2 minute granules.

For more details see the product notices:

Sentinel-3 Product Notice – OLCI Level 1B and Full-Mission Reprocessed Time Series (PDF, 462 KB)

Sentinel-3A Product Notice – OLCI Level-2 Ocean Colour Operational Products and Full-Mission Reprocessed Time Series (PDF, 1 MB)

The reprocessed dataset will be available from via Copernicus Online Data Access (REProcessed) (CODArep).

To get the complete and consistent dataset users should access both the Reprocessed NTC dataset, from 26 April 2016 to 29 November 2017, from CODAREP, and the NTC dataset, processed with the same baseline after 29 November 2017, from CODA.

Date period Website access
26 April 2016 to 29 November 2017 Accessed via CODArep
30 November 2017 onwards Accessed via CODA

The OLCI data can be downloaded from CODA using a batch script, for example:

Order Script
Get the OLCI files with sensing time included between 26 April 2016 and 27 April 2016 ./ -d -u username -p password -S "2016-04-26T00:00:00.000Z" -E "2016-04-27T23:59:59.000Z" -i OLCI -o product
Get the OLCI L2 Full Resolution files whose footprint intersects or it is included in a certain area (in this case the Mediterranean zone) ./ -d -u username -p password -T OL_2_WFR___ -c '-4,29:26,46' -o product
Limit the search to the three first results and download the files ./ -d -u username –p password -l 3 -o product

For further details on how to create a script and using CODA see the CODA manual. Note: for all batch scripts the service root URL should be changed from to

To access CODA, use your Earth Observation Portal (EOP) credentials. If you do not have an Earth Observation Portal account, create one and you will be able to access CODA.

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