OSFAC land application products for Central Africa – Change of filenames

A filename change for the land application products for Central Africa from OSFAC (Observatoire Satellital des ForĂȘts d'Afrique Centrale) was implemented on 19 January.

Thursday, 01 February 2018

The data are Landsat L1T (terrain corrected) data and are distributed on EUMETCast Europe and EUMETCast Africa (on EUMETSAT Data Channel 14).

The new filename is as follows:


L = Landsat
X = SENSOR (C=OLI/TIRS combined, O=OLI only, T= TIRS only, E=ETM+, T=TM, M=MSS)
SS = Satellite (07=Landsat7, 08=Landsat 8)
LLLL = Processing Correction Level (L1TP, L1GT, L1GS)
PPP = WRS path
RRR = WRS row
YYYYMMDD = Acquisition date
yyyymmdd = Processing date
CC = Collection number (e.g. 01, 02)
TX = Collection Category (RT=Real Time, T1=Tier 1, T2=Tier 2)
B = Spectral Band number (e.g. B1, B2, B3, etc.)

Example filenames:



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