Copernicus In Situ Newsletter #3

How EUMETSAT makes operational use of in situ data: an interview with Bojan Bojkov

Friday, 02 February 2018

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The latest Copernicus in situ newsletter features an interesting interview with Dr. Bojkov, who answers questions on the Copernicus programme, EUMETSAT’s role and more.

Dr. Bojkov briefly outlines how and when in situ data are used in the context of satellite missions under EUMETSAT’s operational control, and explains “With respect to satellite missions, in situ data constitutes a lifetime mission need for independent verification of both the data products and the satellite instruments.

In order to verify that our instruments are performing to their specifications, we require a highly specialised sort of in situ data known as Fiducial Reference Measurements (FRM). These data are used to ensure that our instruments are functioning correctly, a process that is carried out continuously throughout the lifetime of missions”.

On the role of EUMETSAT in the Copernicus programme and how it provides data, products and support to the Copernicus Services and user communities, he said “EUMETSAT provides data, products and support services to the Copernicus Services and user communities, with a focus on the thematic areas of marine, atmosphere and climate. This involves delivering Earth Observation (EO) data services to Copernicus from the Sentinel satellites, from its own Metop and Meteosat missions, from the ocean-monitoring Jason-2 and Jason-3 satellites, and from missions of its international partners (e.g. USA, China, India and Japan).”

To read the full interview with Dr. Bojkov, visit the Copernicus website here.

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