UPDATE: EARS regional services enhanced with the latest release of the ATOVS and AVHRR Pre-processing Package (AAPP)

The planned enhancement of the EARS regional services using the new AAPP Version 8.1, has been postponed until 28 February.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

The AAPP, supplied and maintained by the NWP SAF, has been improved in order to implement necessary changes in preparation for the dissemination of NOAA-20 data. The new release is AAPP 8.1.

AAPP is used to process data from a wide range of instruments, and the improvements are being applied to a number of different products from the EARS regional services, beyond the update to enable processing of NOAA-20 data. Specifically:

  • The encoding of 'typical second' in octet 22 of Section 1 now describes the observation time more precisely, rather than rounding to the nearest minute. This affects the following services: EARS-ATOVS, EARS-IASI, EARS-CrIS, EARS-ATMS and EARS-VASS.
  • IASI Level-1c products from Metop-A and B are now organised differently, so that each BUFR contains 120 subsets, rather than 20.
  • CrIS products from Suomi-NPP BUFR now contain 270, rather than 45, subsets.
  • As a consequence of these changes, the software identifier encoded is changed from 715 to 801. This change impacts all products from NOAA-18 and -19, and from Metop-A and -B.

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