Release of IASI Level 2 Product Processing Facility (PPF) 6.4

The new IASI L2 PPF 6.4 will be released on 7 March.

Thursday, 01 March 2018

The new IASI L2 PPF will bring the following changes:

  • Improvements in the ‘all-sky’ first retrieval (PWLR3), in the combined microwave-infrared mode (IASI + AMSU/MHS) and for cases in which no microwave data are available.
  • Up-to-date RTTOV coefficients including contemporary CO2 concentrations, improving atmospheric profiles from optimal estimation.
  • Improvements in the SST L2Pcore quality control.
  • Minor bug fixes.

An interruption to IASI L2 global data (for both Metop-A and Metop-B) of up to two hours is foreseeable, between 09:00 and 17:00 UTC on 7 March.

The EARS-IASI L2 regional service ( IASI Regional Data Service Level 2 - Temperature and Humidity profiles — Metop) will be updated on the same day, with the same upgrade of the ‘all-sky’ statistical retrieval (PWLR3) implemented in the IASI L2 PPF 6.4 for global processing. No interruption to the EARS-IASI L2 service is foreseen.

Users not yet subscribed to IASI L2 products and wishing to receive them via EUMETCast should register via our Earth Observation Portal (EOP).

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