New calibration timeline for Sentinel-3 MWR (MicroWave Radiometer) instrument, affecting SRAL Level 2 products

From 1 March, a new MWR calibration timeline will be applied, affecting SRAL Level 2 products

Friday, 23 February 2018

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A new MWR processor (version 06.07, as part of Processing Baseline 2.28) was installed in Land and Marine PDGS (Payload Data Ground Segment) systems on 22/02/2018. It introduces the capability to have a better calibration timeline for the MWR instrument.

This new calibration timeline will only become active after update of the on-board instrument configuration, to be executed on 01/03/2018 (at approx. 08:15 UTC).

The new calibration timeline will execute very short calibrations at short time intervals (approx. 0.6 second calibration every 2 minutes), whereas the current scheme has longer calibrations more spread in time (approx. 9 second calibration every 130 minutes).

This change will impact SRAL Level 2 products, in that the SSHA (sea surface height anomaly) will no longer have Default Value when Radiometer Wet Tropospheric correction is absent due to calibrations.

The attached image shows the gaps as red points over Open Ocean due to the old calibration scheme.

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