UPDATED: New version of image processing software used for Real-Time Imagery

A new version of the image processing software used for our online Real-Time Imagery will be released on 14 March.

Thursday, 08 March 2018

This release will bring improvements to the images available both on EUMETView and Real-Time Images, in particular:

  • Updated processing of the MSG IR 3.9 Channel in order to improve the colouring of MSG RGB Microphysics (SatView, Plate Carree, North Polar Stereographic) and MSG RGB Snow (SatView, Plate Carree, North Polar Stereographic).
  • A night filter that will prevent transparent artifacts in the night time part of the following visualisations: MSG RGB Microphysics (Plate Carree, North Polar Stereographic), MSG RGB Natural (Plate Carree, North Polar Stereographic), MSG RGB Snow (Plate Carree, North Polar Stereographic).
  • MSG IODC IR 3.9 (SatView) also generated at 00.00.

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