New Processing Baseline for Sentinel-3 SLSTR data

New Processing Baseline (PB) for SLSTR data released on 2 August.

Friday, 03 August 2018

The new SLSTR PB, v2.37, includes the following changes:

  • The ECMWF MET fields are updated to correct for a misalignment in the input latitude grid
  • Update to the prior temperature field used for the Bayesian and Probabilistic cloud masking. ECMWF skin temperature is now used instead of the previously used ECMWF sea surface temperature. This change is only applied to NRT data products.

The following change was introduced in the previous processing baseline (v2.29) but it was not recorded at that time in the related product notice and so is included here for completeness:

  • Change the long name attribute of the soil_wetness_tx variable to ECMWF GRIB identifier number 39 (volumetric soil water layer 1). Previously, this was set to ECMWF GRIB identifier number 140 (soil wetness level 1).

SLSTR L1 and L2 marine data quality is primarily unaffected by these changes. However, users will see improvements to the quality of the Bayesian cloud mask in coastal and inland water areas.

More details can be found in the Product Notices: SLSTR Level 1 Product Notice and SLSTR Level 2 Product Notice.

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