Extension of the Meteosat Rapid Scan Service (RSS) processing area

The RSS processing area will be extended on 29 August.

Thursday, 09 August 2018

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The RSS processing area will be extended as follows:

Southern boundary:

  • Current area: image line 2988, ~34° N
  • Extended area: image line 2638, ~22° N

The Northern boundary remains the same (image line 3606).

This change will be applied to all RSS meteorological products except the Regional Instability Index (RII) product because the BUFR encoder cannot currently handle the associated increase in the product size.

For all other RSS products, users should expect an increase in the product sizes, as follows:

  • AMV (Atmospheric Motion Vector) : 20 MB → 35 MB per day
  • CSR (Clear Sky Radiances): 33 MB → 62 MB per day
  • FIR (Active Fire Monitoring): 10% to 30% increase (depending on actual distribution of fires, product size is highly variable)
  • MPE (Multi-Sensor Precipitation Estimate): No change
  • CLM (Cloud Mask): No change
  • For more information, contact our User Service Helpdesk.

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