Upgrade of near-real time OSI SAF and EARS-ASCAT wind products

The near-real time OSI SAF and EARS-ASCAT wind products will be upgraded on 25 September.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

The products are:

Global OSI SAF 25 km wind product
Global OSI SAF coastal wind product
Regional EARS 25 km wind product
Regional EARS coastal wind product

The current version of the products are produced with the previous CMOD5n geophysical model function and the products contain real 10 m ECMWF background model winds as auxiliary data.

The processing will be upgraded on 25 September to start using the CMOD7 geophysical model function. CMOD7 was developed to take out incidence-angle dependent effects in CMOD5n. It improves the consistency of the scatterometer retrievals across the instrument swath. In addition, the products will contain stress-equivalent ECMWF winds, which are known to better resemble the scatterometer winds.

There will be no changes to the product file name conventions and product file structure.

Updated user documentation

ASCAT wind validation report

ASCAT Wind Product User Manual

Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document for the OSI SAF wind products

For more information, contact our User Service Helpdesk.

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