Upcoming Metop-B Out-Of-Plane manoeuvre

An Out-Of-Plane manoeuvre for Metop-B will be performed on 31 October

Monday, 29 October 2018

The burn start time will be 13:12:02 UTC on 31/10/2018.

The duration of the burn will be 826.164 seconds.

The current estimation of mission outage for the affected instruments is as follows:

INSTRUMENT Switch-off time (UTC) Switch-on time (UTC)
IASI 08:30:02 14:23:36
AMSU-A1 08:30:07 14:19:36
AMSU-A2 08:30:47 14:21:06
HIRS 08:31:47 14:08:36
MHS 08:31:57 14:13:36
GOME 11:51:22 15:15:10

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