Update to AC SAF IASI SO2 BUFR product

The IASI Sulphur Dioxide BUFR product from AC SAF will be updated on 14 January 2019.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

The product (IASI Sulphur dioxide — Metop) will be updated from WMO BUFR Master Table Version 19 to 21. This fixes a bug in the length of the encoded descriptor for sulphur dioxide. As the local table version number will remain the same, users of BUFRDC will need to create a combined EUMETSAT local table version 19-1 in order to process the IASI SO2 BUFR product.

The relevant chapter of the Migration Guide (Ref: EUM/SEP/TEN/18/1004055) which describes the migration of the SO2 descriptor is 3.6: Global descriptor with different attributes than in WMO tables.

Test data including the update are available on our FTP server:

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