Issues with EUMETCast software package

We are aware that some Linux users are experiencing issues with the latest EUMETCast software package.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

This bug occurs on Linux operating systems when the Tellicast client software (version 2.14.5) is used in combination with the Safenet drivers: in case of certain udev events from the kernel, one of the safenet driver threads starts spinning leading to 100 % CPU/core usage.

Although the reception is not directly impacted, the Tellicast watchdog will trigger restarts of the application due to high CPU usage resulting in file losses.

It is, therefore, not recommended to upgrade existing systems running with old EKUs and the aksrte drivers.

When using the new Safenet EKUs, there is unfortunately no alternative solution available and the new Tellicast/Safenet combination must be used.

A new alpha version of Tellicast, with a fix of the CPU issue, is available for download at:

Please note that this version is not yet fully released, so we would appreciate if you could report any non-nominal behaviour.

Windows users are not affected by this bug.

Please contact our User Service Helpdesk if you have any questions.


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