New accumulated Copernicus products in EUMETView

Three new accumulated Sentinel-3A products were added to our web visualisation service, EUMETView, on 24 July.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Accumulated OLCI S3 in EUMETView

EUMETView is our pilot visualisation service that allows users to view EUMETSAT imagery in a more interactive way through an online map viewer or through API Web Map Service (WMS).

Starting from 24 July, EUMETView will include the following new products:

  • New Sentinel-3A OLCI L1 RGB accumulated visualisation.
  • New Sentinel-3A OLCI L2 algal pigment (Chlorophyll a) concentration in clear waters accumulated visualisation.
  • New Sentinel-3A SLSTR L2 Sea Surface Temperature (SST).

The images are incrementally accumulated products of all the orbits of the considered product over an entire day.

Accumulated SST S3 in EUMETView
Figure 2: Screenshot of EUMETView showing the new accumulated visualisations (SLSTR L2 SST)


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