Sentinel-3 Land Products for Africa – Change of timeliness

The SYNERGY products, part of the Sentinel-3 Land Products for Africa distributed on EUMETCast, will change timeliness from 1 August.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

The SYNERGY products currently distributed on EUMETCast Africa have a Non-Time Critical (NTC) timeliness and are available in less than 30 days. These are:

SYNERGY Level 2 in NTC — Sentinel-3 - Africa

Product Acronym: SY_2_SYN__NTC

Example filenames:

V10 SYNERGY Level 2 in NTC — Sentinel-3 - Africa

Product Acronym: SY_2_V10__NTC

Example filenames:

From 1 August, the timeliness of these products will change from NTC to Short-Time Critical (STC). The STC products will be available in less than three days. There is a risk of a data outage on the affected products that day, due to the transition process.

Product filenames will change to reflect the new timeliness, e.g.:

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