Changes to EUMETCast Daily Logs

EUMETCast Daily Logs will be changed on 12 September.

Thursday, 29 August 2019

The EUMETCast Daily Logs are currently generated for EUMETCast Europe and distributed on EUMETCast Europe, as well as EUMETCast Africa for those products available on EUMETCast Africa (this is a legacy from the old EUMETCast turn-around service).

The change planned for 12 September consists in distinguishing the Daily Logs for EUMETCast Africa from those for EUMETCast Europe. This will be reflected in the contents of the Daily Logs and in their filenames: for EUMETCast Europe, an ‘E’ will be added at the end of the service description in the filenames; for EUMETCast Africa, an ‘A’ will be added at the end of the service description in the filenames.

A few examples are provided in the table below:

Products Current Daily Log New Daily Log for EUMETCast Europe (from 12/09/2019) New Daily Log for EUMETCast Africa (from 12/09/2019)
Meteosat 0° SEVIRI Level 1.5 E-UNS_-MSG_0DEG-H_SEVIRI____-DAILY_LOG-190825_01-201908260202-___ E-UNS_-MSG_0DEG-H_SEVIRI___E-DAILY_LOG-190825_01-201908260202-___ E-UNS_-MSG_0DEG-H_SEVIRI___A-DAILY_LOG-190825_01-201908260202-___
Metop-B IASI L2 E-UNS_-EPS_M01_-IASI_L2_____-DAILY_LOG-190825_01-201908260607-___ E-UNS_-EPS_M01_-IASI_L2____E-DAILY_LOG-190825_01-201908260607-___ E-UNS_-EPS_M01_-IASI_L2____A-DAILY_LOG-190825_01-201908260607-___
EARS-ASCAT E-UNS_-EARS____-ASCAT_______-DAILY_LOG-190825_01-201908260320-___ E-UNS_-EARS____-ASCAT______E-DAILY_LOG-190825_01-201908260320-___ E-UNS_-EARS____-ASCAT______A-DAILY_LOG-190825_01-201908260320-___

The EUMETCast channels used for the Daily Logs distribution will remain unchanged:

EUMETCast Europe (Basic Service):
Channel: Info-Channel-2
Multicast address:

EUMETCast Africa:
Channel: A1C-Info-Channel-2
Multicast address:

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