Joint CALMet XIII and EUMETCAL Conference 2019 hosted by EUMETSAT

EUMETSAT will be host to over 100 visitors this week as it open its doors to educators, trainers and managers from universities, research institutions and National Meteorological and Hydrological Services at its Darmstadt headquarters.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019


From 17-20 September, visitors from around the world can take advantage of the great networking and collaboration opportunities with fellow industry experts on matters such as global weather, water and climate.

“Inspire, Share and Collaborate”

The core task of the training community is to support national institutions in making sure they have people with the right skills to provide warning and information services. This includes preparing users for EUMETSAT’s next generation of European meteorological satellites.


Continuous training is therefore necessary to ensure that, for example, whenever new services are implemented and new or improved sources of environmental information become available (such as from satellites and models), this information can be delivered properly.

The key topics that will be addressed throughout the week include:

- The future roles of personnel providing weather, water, climate and oceanographic services;
- New sources of data, such as the next-generation satellite programmes and new sources of decision support, such as enhanced numerical weather prediction and nowcasting systems, including their impact on training needs;
- Changing standards, course content and delivery to prepare the workforce for new service roles;
- Adapting courses and learning to address the global World Meteorological Organization qualification and competency requirements;
- Continuing to develop online teaching and using virtual reality and/or augmented reality in training;
- Using training to develop and maintain communities of practice;
- Identifying opportunities for shared education and training;
- Ensuring all countries can prepare their workforces for the changing services through international collaboration and cooperation opportunities.

For more information, please visit the event page here.

You are also welcome to visit our Twitter page for more regular updates of the conference.

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