Learn about Basic Satellite and NWP Integration

A new ASMET module focusing in the basic steps for integrating satellite and NWP information in forecasting room has now been published.

Monday, 25 March 2019

Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) is one of the most important forecasting tools in our toolbox. Yet identifying when/where it is not capturing reality is difficult. In the short-term forecasting range, it is important as a forecaster to identify when/where NWP output isn’t matching reality, then you can make appropriate changes to the forecast output.

To find those mismatches anywhere in the world, one of the best tools is satellite imagery. This latest ASMET lesson, published in 2019, focuses on a few cases using satellite imagery to help identify mismatched features/processes between the satellite imagery and the NWP.

Image comparison
IR 10.8 satellite image NWP pseudo-satellite image
Comparison of on actual IR 10.8 satellite image (left) and an NWP pseudo-satellite image (right)

Anyone trying to add value to short-term NWP forecasts could benefit from taking this lesson to learn a process for assessing NWP output compared to observations. This lesson focuses on fog and convection in Africa, however, it can be applied to many other cases and is generalised enough to help forecasters from anywhere in the world.

The lesson was prepared by the expert team from Morocco, Niger, Kenya and South Africa, in partnership with EUMETSAT and COMET.

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