New Sentinel-5P Level 2 Aerosol Layer Height product on EUMETCast soon

The Sentinel-5P Aerosol Layer Height product will be available on EUMETCast from 9 December.

Thursday, 28 November 2019

The Aerosol Layer Height (ALH) NRT product focuses on the retrieval of vertically localised aerosol layers in the free troposphere, such as desert dust, biomass burning aerosol, or volcanic ash plumes in layers for cloud-free scenes.

The ALH complements the set of Sentinel-5P Level 2 products already available on EUMETCast.

It will be distributed on EUMETCast Europe, High Volume Service Transponder 2 (HVS-2), on channel E2H-S5P-01 (Multicast address:, PID: 610).

Example filename:

More information on the Sentinel-5P Level 2 products.

Users already subscribed to Sentinel-5P Level 2 products via EUMETCast will receive this new product automatically. Other users wishing to receive this product should register via our Earth Observation Portal (EOP).

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