Sentinel-3 Altimetry: Reprocessing of full mission

The reprocessing of all Sentinel-3 SRAL/MWR data to the latest standards (Baseline Collection 004) allows end-users to have a consistent dataset from the beginning of mission to the present date.

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

S3A Sea Surface Height Anomaly for June/2017, reprocessed

While the full reprocessing is still ongoing, the currently reprocessed dataset can already be accessed. These are the Level 2 data (SR_2_WAT___) from Sentinel-3A (2016/03/01 until 2019/12/31) and Sentinel-3B (2018/05/08 until 2019/12/31). They are temporarily available on an FTP server. At a later stage, the data will be made available on CODAREP (Copernicus Online Data Access for reprocessed data), including the L1 data. Users wishing to have access to the FTP server should contact our User Service Helpdesk.

This reprocessing uses the latest processing standards (Processing Baseline 2.61 of Baseline Collection 004). More details can be found in the Major evolution of Sentinel-3 Altimetry products news story or in the Product Notices.

The geophysical verification of the data content was made at Level 2 and the reprocessing dataset is consistent and within the mission requirements for the Open Ocean, for all key parameters (Sea Surface Height (see this animated example), Significant Wave Height and wind speed). The geophysical parameters show good agreements with other altimeters (Jason-3) and with models.

A detailed Reprocessing Report will be made available shortly.

For more information, contact our User Service Helpdesk.

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