New Precipitation product from H SAF on EUMETCast soon

H18, a new precipitation product from the H SAF, will be available from 20 February.

Thursday, 06 February 2020

The H SAF H18 product (P-IN-ATMS) is the Precipitation Rate at Ground by MW cross-track scanners version 3. This product represents an evolution, for ATMS applications, of the previous H02B algorithm and it is based on Artificial Neural Network (ANN) approach for precipitation rate estimation using AMSU/MHS observations over the MSG full disk area (60°S-75°N, 60°W-60°E).

The product will be distributed on EUMETCast Europe and EUMETCast Africa:

EUMETCast Europe:

Channel: SAF-Global
Multicast address:
PID: 300

EUMETCast Africa:

Channel: A1C-SAF-5
Multicast address:
PID: 100

Example filenames:

Users already subscribed to H SAF products via EUMETCast will receive this new product automatically. Other users wishing to receive this product should register via our Earth Observation Portal (EOP).

For more information, contact our User Service Helpdesk.

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