New LEO products in EUMETView

EUMETView has been enhanced with new Low Earth Orbit (LEO) visualisations from the Metop and Sentinel-3 satellites.

Thursday, 06 February 2020

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EUMETView is our visualisation service that allows users to view EUMETSAT imagery in a more interactive way, through an online map viewer or an API Web Map Service (WMS).

From 6 February, EUMETView will include the following new LEO products:

  • From AVHRR instrument of Metop-B and Metop-C satellites:
    • Accumulated images of the last 6 orbits of channel IR10.8 (one image for each satellite).
    • Accumulation over an entire day of RGB Cloud product (an RGB product based on the 0.63 µm, 0.865 µm and 10.8 µm channels) (one image for each satellite).
    • Accumulated images of the last 6 orbits of RGB product based upon RGB Natural Colour product (daytime) and RGB Fog product (night-time) (one image for each satellite).
  • From Sentinel-3A and Sentinel-3B satellites:
    • Single swaths of Sentinel-3B (OLCI L1 RGB, OLCI L2 CHL Concentration, SLSTR L2 SST).
    • Accumulation of all the orbits over an entire day from both Sentinel-3A and -3B (OLCI L1 RGB, OLCI L2 CHL Concentration, SLSTR L2 SST), which will replace the Sentinel-3A daily accumulated product.
    Figure 2
    Figure 2: Accumulated Metop RGB Cloud product on EUMETView

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