Release of simulated MTG FCI Level 1C enhanced and non-nominal datasets

Simulated Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) Flexible Combined Imager (FCI) Level 1C enhanced and non-nominal datasets are now available for user familiarisation.

Wednesday, 01 July 2020

Following the provision in 2019 of simulated MTG FCI Level 1C datasets, we are now releasing enhanced FCI Level 1C datasets, including datasets with non-nominal data. These new datasets are short duration (one full disk repeat cycle) but are much more scientifically representative of future operational data than the 24-hour datasets provided in 2019. Both are complementary.

Dataset description

Two FCI level 1C datasets are provided for format familiarisation:

  • One nominal dataset which contains Full Disk High Spectral Imagery (FDHSI) data in nominal acquisition conditions.
  • One non-nominal dataset which contains FDHSI data with simulated missing data

Each of these datasets are provided in compressed and uncompressed versions. The compressed versions represent the data that will be disseminated in near real-time during MTG operations, while the uncompressed form is how the data will be archived.

All above datasets contain:

  • Full images of the Earth
  • 16 channels

The datasets are divided into 40 body chunk files and one trailer chunk file (chunk ‘41’) each.

Package usage

FTP access:

The package contains the following files:

FCI_1C_UNCOMPRESSED_NOMINAL.tar.gz — nominal dataset

FCI_1C_UNCOMPRESSED_NON-NOMINAL.tar.gz — non-nominal dataset with simulated missing data

FCI_1C_COMPRESSED_NOMINAL.tar.gz — same nominal dataset above but with CharLS compression applied to selected variables

FCI_1C_COMPRESSED_NON-NOMINAL.tar.gz — same non-nominal dataset above but with CharLS compression applied to selected variables

FCI_1C_REFGRIDS.tar.gz containing three netCDF files, one for each FCI resolution, with computed latitude and longitude variables for all Earth pixels inside an FCI full-disk:


sha256sum.txt file which contains the checksums for all files in the datasets

In addition, the following is provided on the FTP:

Decompression software
Product User Guide


Test data package description

For more information and feedback on the datasets, contact our User Service Helpdesk.

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