User Preparation Webinar on Next-Generation Hyperspectral IR Sounders

Webinar on Next-Generation Hyperspectral Infrared Sounders (MTG IRS and Metop-SG IASI-NG), 13-14 Oct 2020

For preparing users to next-generation meteorological satellite data, EUMETSAT is starting a series of User Preparation Webinars, with the first organised on 13-14 October 2020 to cover hyperspectral infrared sounding data from MTG-IRS and IASI-NG on Metop-SG (2h on each day, at 14.00-16.00 CEST, registration links provided below).

The Webinar mainly provides instrument overviews, measurement principles, a description of satellite-based data (Level-1) and products (Level-2), and application examples in meteorology and atmospheric composition.

With the User Preparation Webinars, EUMETSAT aims to raise technical and scientific awareness among users, trigger software and algorithm developments for exploiting L1/L2 products, and stimulate development of applications.

Data from the geostationary IRS and the polar-orbiting IASI-NG instrument are expected to become available in the 2023-2024 timeframe.

The Q&A session is on, event code #NG-HSIR.

Register and join the Webinar using zoom here:


Webinar Agenda

UP Webinar 2020 HSIR Draft Agenda v2


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