Altimetry Marine Products

In this section you can find out more details about the Copernicus Sentinel-3 Altimetry products.

The marine and land product services for Sentinel-3A and -3B are split between EUMETSAT and ESA, respectively. Users mainly interested in altimeter data over ocean areas will retrieve the data from EUMETSAT; users with a focus on land areas are directed to ESA's data archive. To facilitate the use at the boundary between both realms, an overlap is included.

Altimetry Marine/Land Mask

The mask used by the respective ground segments differentiates between marine and land products as follows:

  • Marine: all oceans and seas, and the first 10 km in-land
  • Land: all land and lakes, and coastal areas up to 300 km offshore

Since December 2017, with Product Baseline 2.24, the L2 SRAL marine product processing contains an updated marine/land mask which added the Great Lakes, Lake Victoria and Caspian Sea to the area covered by the marine products. All reprocessed data have this marine/land mask applied.

The areas covered by the marine and land products and their overlap is illustrated in the image below, also available as KMZ file.

Figure 1
Figure 1: Example of the Marine/Land Mask product. 0 (blue) = Marine Products only, 1 (green) = Land Products only, 2 (red) = Marine and Land Products
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