Sentinel-3 tools & training

Sentinel-3 data can be worked with through a number of open source and commercial software packages.

The Sentinel Applications Platform (SNAP) and Sentinel-3 Toolbox have been developed to support the visualisation, exploration, and processing of Sentinel-3 radiometric data. Altimetry data can be visualised using Broadview Radar Altimetry Toolbox (BRAT). Many other software and most programming languages are also able to read the NetCDF files containing Sentinel-3 data.

Tools for working with the Sentinel-3 marine data are also available through WEkEO.


EUMETSAT has a marine training programme for Sentinel-3 data that supports a broad range of new and experienced users from across research, commercial, and governance sectors.

Training is offered through specific courses on the Copernicus Marine Data Stream and in collaboration with community organisations, research projects and other international agencies to suit a diversity of user groups and in support of others conducting training.

Current courses

Upcoming courses are listed in the Training Calendar and also announced via the @eumetsat_users twitter. To discuss collaboration on future courses, email us.

User handbooks

Sentinel-3 SRAL Marine User Handbook

Sentinel-3 OLCI Marine User Handbook

Sentinel-3 SLSTR Marine User Handbook


How to VIDEO guides

How to access Copernicus Sentinel-3 data

How to access Copernicus ocean colour data

How to access Copernicus sea surface temperature data

How to access Copernicus Altimetry data

Visualising data in NetCDF format

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