EPS-SG Design

EPS-SG consists of two, parallel series of satellites (Metop-SG A and Metop-SG B).

  1. The Metop-SG A series has the optical imaging, infrared and microwave sounding; aerosol imaging, and radio occultation missions. It also hosts the Copernicus Sentinel-5 mission.
  2. Metop-SG B series is dedicated to microwave and sub-millimetre-wave imaging, scatterometry and radio occultation. It also hosts the ARGOS data collection system.

The plan is for a series of three satellites of each type (six in total) and a constellation deployment scenario allowing parallel operations of multiple satellites.

Technical details
First Launch Currently Sept 2021 Currently end of 2022
Orbit and Altitude LEO, 817 km LEO, 817 km
Mass 4200 kg 4000 kg
Design Lifetime 7.5 years 7.5 years


Instrument Satellite Provider
Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer (IASI-NG) Metop-SG A CNES
Visible/Infrared Imager (METimage) Metop-SG A DLR
Microwave Sounder (MWS) Metop-SG A ESA
Radio Occultation (RO) Metop-SG A and Metop-SG B ESA
Multi-viewing, multi-channel, multi-polarisation Imager (3MI) Metop-SG A ESA
Sentinel-5 Metop-SG A Copernicus/ESA
Scatterometer (SCA) Metop-SG B ESA
Microwave Imager (MWI) Metop-SG B ESA
Ice Cloud Imager (ICI) Metop-SG B ESA
Advanced Data Collection (ADCS-4) Metop-SG B CNES

Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer (IASI-NG)

EPS-SG Infrared Atmospheric Sounding (IAS)

Will provide hyper-spectral infrared soundings of temperature, water vapour, and trace gases with a spectral resolution of 0.25 cm-1 within the spectral range from 645 to 2760 cm-1 at an average spatial sampling distance of 25 km.

Heritage: IASI, AIRS
Baseline performance: as IASI

Visible Infrared Imager (METimage)

EPS-SG Visible/Infrared Imaging

To provide moderate-resolution optical imaging of clouds, aerosols, and surface variables, in 20 spectral channels, ranging from 0.443 to 13.345 µm with a spatial sampling of 250 to 500 m).

Heritage: AVHRR, MODIS
Baseline performance: 'AVHRR++', 'MODIS-lite'

European Microwave Sounder (MWS)

European Microwave Sounding (MWS)

To provide all-weather microwave sounding of atmospheric temperature and humidity in the frequency range from 23.4 to 229 GHz, at a spatial resolution of 17 to 40 km.

Heritage: AMSU-A, MHS
Baseline performance: as AMSU/A, MHS, horizontal resolution as ATMS

Radio Occultation (RO)

EPS-SG Radio Occultation (RO)

For atmospheric all-weather soundings of temperature and humidity at high vertical resolution, and additionally ionospheric electron content in support of space weather, by tracking signals from GPS (Global Positioning System), Galileo and optionally GLONASS, and Compass-Beidou satellites.

Heritage: GRAS, COSMIC
Baseline performance: GRAS (instrument), COSMIC (coverage)

Multi-viewing, multi-channel, multi-polarisation Imager (3MI)

EPS-SG Multi-viewing, Multi-channel, Multi-polarisation Imaging (3MI)

For aerosol observations by moderate resolution optical imaging in 12 spectral channels from the ultra-violet (0.410 µm) to the short-wave infrared (2.13 µm), at a spatial resolution of 4 km.

Heritage: POLDER
Baseline performance: as POLDER


EPS-SG Nadir-viewing Ultraviolet, Visible, Near-infrared, Short-wave infrared Sounding

Implemented by the Copernicus Sentinel-5 instrument to provide ozone profiles, monitor various trace gases, monitor air quality and support climate monitoring by means of hyper-spectral soundings with a spectral resolution from 0.065–1 nm in the wavelength range from 0.27–2.4385 µm, at a spatial sampling of 7 km for channels above 0.3 µm.


Scatterometer (SCA)

EPS-SG Scatterometry (SCA)

To provide ocean surface wind vectors and land surface soil moisture by measurement of back-scattered signals in the 5.3 GHz band with spatial resolution of 25 km.

Heritage: ASCAT, QuickScat
Baseline performance: as ASCAT

Microwave Imager (MWI)

EPS-SG Microwave Imaging (MWI)

For precipitation and cloud imaging in 18 channels (eight dual-polarised) in the frequency range from 18.7 to 183 GHz, at a spatial resolution from 10 km (highest frequency) to 50 km (lowest frequency).

Heritage: SSM/I(S), AMSR-E
Baseline performance:precipitation products, 18.7–183 GHz

Ice Cloud Imager (ICI)

EPS-SG Ice Cloud Imaging (ICI)

To provide ice cloud and snowfall imaging in 11 channels (two dual-polarised) in the frequency range from 183 to 664 GHz at a spatial resolution of 15 km.

Heritage: Aura-MLS, Odin-SMR (both limb viewing)
Baseline performance: Conically scanning, Nadir-viewing geometry, 11 spectral channels, 183–664 GHz.

Advanced Data Collection (ADCS)

For the collection and transmission of observations and data from surface, buoy, ship, balloon or airborne data collection platforms.

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