MTG Data

Provisional data and product list for the Meteosat Third Generation 0° Services.

Single channel readings from the FCI imaging instrument will be available as Level 1c data. The multiple-channel information from IRS sounding instrument will be processed to Level 1b data. LI instrument data will only be available in the form of different Level 2 products.

The tables below are a *provisional list of potential products for MTG generated centrally by EUMETSAT.

It is anticipated that the evolution of products and services from MTG will be a continuous process emerging from, and enhancing, the initial set of products.

In addition, the Satellite Application Facilities (SAFs) will generated products derived from MTG satellite data. These products will be identified and generated as part of in the SAF Continuous Development and Operations Phase 4 (CDOP 4, 2022–2027).

Delivery formats

*Note: further changes may be made to the products prior to launch of the first of the MTG satellites.


Flexible Combined Imager (FCI)

Data from 16 spectral channels will undergo radiometric and spectral calibration. This data will be further rectified to form pixels located at fixed positions in the reference grid giving the FCI Level 1c data.

Level 1c data is instrument science data in counts radiometrically and spectrally calibrated, rectified to a reference grid.

For further information on FCI Level 1 data format please read FCI L1 Dataset User Guide.

MTG-I FCI Level 2 Products (provisional list)
FCI Geophysical Level 2 Products FCI Product generation processing chain
All Sky Radiance FCI All Sky Radiance
Clear Sky Reflectance Map FCI Clear Sky Reflectance Map
Clear/Cloud Flag
Dust Storm Detection
Fire Detection
Volcanic Ash
FCI Scene
Cloud drop effective radius - Cloud top
Cloud optical depth
Cloud sub-pixel fraction
Cloud top phase
Cloud top pressure and temperature
Atmospheric Motion Vectors FCI AMVs
Global Instability Indices
Ozone - Total column (TOZ)
Specific humidity - Lower Troposphere
Specific humidity - Middle Troposphere
Specific humidity - Upper Troposphere
Specific humidity - Total column

Lightning Imager (LI)

Data from this instrument will only be available as Level 2 products.

MTG-I LI Level 2 Products (provisional list)
LI Geophysical Level 2 Products LI Product generation processing chain
L2 Lightning events
Lightning groups
Lightning flashes
LI initial processing
Accumulated flash index
Accumulated flashes
Accumulated flash radiance
LI accumulated products

Infrared sounder (IRS)

The spectral soundings of the IRS instrument are transmitted to the ground as interferograms. This data is furthermore radiometrically and spectrally calibrated as Level 1b data.

Level 1b data is instrument science data in counts radiometrically and spectrally calibrated.

MTG-S IRS Level 2 Products (provisional list)
Product IRS Product generation processing chain
Atmospheric temperature profile
Specific humidity profile
Surface Skin Temperature
Ozone profile
IRS profiles

SAF Level 2 Products

Products based on FCI (provisional list)
SAF Product Group Parameter Type
NWC Clouds Cloud Mask
Cloud Microphysics
Cloud Top Temperature Height
Cloud Type
H Snow Snow detection and coverage Near real-time
Surface properties Land Surface Temperature
Sea Surface Temperature
Surface Albedo
Near real-time
Near real-time
Near real-time
NWC Meteorological Systems Automatic satellite image interpretation Software
NWC Winds High Resolution Winds
Extrapolated satellite imagery
LSA, OSI Radiative fluxes Surface downward LW flux
Surface downward SW flux
Near real-time
Near real-time
NWC Convection Convection probability
Convection trajectory
Convection warning
Precipitation Accumulated precipitation
Precipitation Rate
Precipitating Clouds
Convective Rain Fall Rate
NWC Clean Air Temperature and Humidity Physical Retrieval Software
Products based on LI (provisional list)
SAF Product Group Parameter Type
H Precipitation Rain Fall Intensity Near real-time

The NWP SAF are developing:

  • RTTOV Radiative Transfer Model Version to be applicable to the MTG IRS instrument.
  • Cloud and Aerosol Detection Software package to cover IRS.
  • 1DVAR NWP software for IRS retrieval and analysis.

Note: all the products are subject to possible further updates.

Delivery formats

NetCDF-4 is the baseline format for the FCI, LI and IRS instrument level 1 dataset generation and level 2 geophysical products. NetCDF-4 offers a number of advantageous features, including:

  • Ability to cope with large dataset sizes — ~7 Gbytes for Full Disc archived dataset for MTG compared to the current ~220 Mbytes.
  • Datasets are self describing.
  • Groups allow potential for easier subsetting.

Selected products will also be available in BUFR, GRIB and other formats where required to continue an existing service.

Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents (ATBD) and Product Guides

Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents (ATBD) describe the algorithm theoretical basis for the derivation of Level 2 MTG products, providing an insight into product retrieval schemes. ATBDs usually contain a short overview over the relevant MTG instrument characteristics, followed by a general approach towards the geophysical parameter of interest, and detailed description of the underlying algorithm of the product — its physical basis, the required input data, and a more detailed description of the product retrieval method. Practical application of the algorithm, with a few results, may also be contained, together with relevant references.

Product Guides serve as a non-extensive overview of the particular products. Such guides normally give the utilisation context and a description of the product, product specifications (e.g. inputs, outputs, coverage, limitations), product illustration (e.g. case studies), and associated resources and reference documents that might further assist users.

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