MTG Resources

Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) resources.

All documents relevant to the current phase of the Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) programme.



End User Requirements

Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents

Reference Title Ver.
EUM/MTG/DOC/10/0381 MTG-FCI: ATBD for Global Instability Indices Product (PDF, 1 MB) 3
EUM/MTG/DOC/10/0542 MTG-FCI: ATBD for Cloud Mask and Cloud Analysis Product (PDF, 506 KB) 4
EUM/MTG/DOC/10/0613 MTG-FCI: ATBD for Active Fire Monitoring Product (PDF, 630 KB) 2A
EUM/MTG/DOC/10/0382 MTG-FCI: ATBD for Radiative Transfer Model (PDF, 429 KB) 2
EUM/MTG/DOC/10/0559 MTG-FCI: ATBD for Clear Sky Reflectance Map Product (PDF, 320 KB) 2
EUM/MTG/DOC/11/0034 MTG-FCI: ATBD for GSICS Corrections (PDF, 206 KB) 2
EUM/MTG/DOC/10/0527 MTG-FCI: ATBD for Outgoing Longwave Radiation Product (PDF, 297 KB) 2
EUM/MTG/DOC/11/0654 MTG-FCI: ATBD for Optimal Cloud Analysis Product (PDF, 2 MB) 5
EUM/MTG/DOC/10/0532 MTG-FCI: ATBD for Atmospheric Motion Vector Product (PDF, 831 KB) 2C
EUM/MTG/DOC/10/0612 MTG-FCI: ATBD for All Sky Radiance Product (PDF, 425 KB) 1D
EUM/MTG/DOC/11/0155 Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD) for L2 processing of the MTG Lightning Imager data (PDF, 5 MB) 4
EUM/RSP/TEN/17/935387 MTG-IRS L2 ATBD (PDF, 13 MB) 1D
EUM/MTG/DOC/11/0723 MTG-FCI: Meteorological Product Requirements (PDF, 219 KB) 1B

Test Data Guides

Requirement Reference Scenes



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