MTG in Operations

At least 20 years for the imagery mission and 15.5 years for the sounding mission will be secured through operations of the MTG satellites.

The MTG system comprises two types of three-axis stabilised satellites: MTG-I (‘Imaging’) and MTG-S (‘Sounding’). When fully deployed, the system will include two MTG-I satellites operating in tandem, one scanning Europe and Africa every 10 minutes, and the other scanning only Europe every 2.5 minutes, and one MTG-S satellite.

The other main component of the MTG system is a comprehensive ground segment used to control the satellites, acquire and process the data and deliver the extracted products to users worldwide.

The following provides an overview on the progressive deployment of MTG Services, and the transition schedule from the current Meteosat Second Generation services based on Meteosat-10 and -11 to MTG.


Progressive deployment of MTG services

For service continuity an overlap between the MSG satellites delivering the heritage operational services and MTG is planned.

During the commissioning phase the new MTG services will be implemented in parallel to the heritage services provided by the MSG satellites. During the initial MTG operations phase, the heritage services on MSG satellites will be provided in parallel. The full operational capability will see the MTG satellites providing all planned services. Once FOC is achieved MTG-I1 and MTG-I2 may be swapped without affecting the services.

Services Deployment Initial Operational Capability - IOC Partial Operational Capability - POC Full Operational Capability - FOC
Full Disc Scanning Service – FDSS (FCI) MTG-I1 (back-up MSG FES) MTG-I1 (back-up MSG FES) MTG-I1 (back-up MTG-I2)
Lightning Imager Service – LIS MTG-I1 (no backup) MTG-I1 (no backup) MTG-I2 (back-up MTG-I1)
InfraRed Sounding Service (IRS)   MTG-S1 (no backup) MTG-S1 (no backup)
Copernicus Sentinel 4 Service (UVN)   MTG-S1(no backup) MTG-S1(no backup)
Rapid Scanning Service – RSS (FCI) MSG RSS MSG RSS MTG-I1
DCP service MTG-I1 (back-up MSG DCP) MTG-I1 (back-up MSG DCP) MTG-I2 (back-up I1)
Search And Rescue – SAR MTG-I1 (back-up MSG GEOSAR) MTG-I1 (back-up MSG GEOSAR) MTG-I2 (back-up MTG-I1)

Meteosat services in the MTG era

Once in operations, MTG will gradually replace MSG services according to the following transition schedule (schedules can be subject to change). Note: The Meteosat-10 can be swapped with Meteosat-11 and MTG-I1 can be swapped with MTG-I2, to optimise the lifetime/services.

Satellite Launch Commission 0° services RSS
MTG-I1 End 2022 2023 (1 year) Meteosat-11 (parallel)
MTG-S1 End 2023 2024 (1 year) Meteosat-10 (parallel)
MTG-I2 2025 2026 (6 months) MTG-I2 (or I1)
MTG-I1 (or I2)
Meteosat-11 (parallel)
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