Technical Bulletins

Data Centre Update March 2019

Metop-C Operational Products Available from the Data Centre Archive.

EUMETSAT’s latest Polar Orbiting Satellite Metop-C has almost completed its commissioning, and its operational status is expected to be confirmed in Q2/Q3 2019.

Products from several of its instruments have already been evaluated by experts to be of a quality to qualify them as operational products. These products will be available for order from the Data Centre Order client according to the schedule in the table below.

Note: Further Metop-C products will be added to the above table as each operational release is confirmed.

Metop-C Product Orderable from the Data Centre Archive
GRAS GDS Level 1B From 07/03/2019
(Polar, Atmospheric-Polar, Atmospheric-Polar-TripletMode, Atmospheric-Global)
From 14/03/2019
AVHRR GDS Level 1B From 02/04/2019
MHS GDS Level 1B From 02/04/2019
AMSU-A GDS Level 1B From 02/04/2019

NetCDF — the Data Centre’s Common Delivery Format

The netCDF format is the Data Centre’s common delivery format for the majority of our products. NetCDF presents Data Centre users with a format they can easily work with for both LEO and GEO products. The netCDF format usability justifies the removal of delivery formats which are used less often, in order to reduce the amount of software maintenance required.

On 18 March 2019, the following netCDF updates were introduced:

Data Centre netCDF V2 logo

  • Version 2 of the Data Centre netCDF format will be available for ordering from the Data Centre Ordering Client. The new version contains updates requested by the users, for example, CF 1.7 compliance and updates to the metadata.
    Demonstration versions of these products are now available for users to download, to assess potentially required updates to their systems. Change Log for these updates.
  • Removal of similar formats that are replaceable by netCDF.

Feedback to these changes is welcome. Please send you comments to our User Service Helpdesk.

The availability of the netCDF formats will be announced via the EUMETSAT User Notification System (UNS). Users are encouraged to subscribe to the announcements for the Data Centre, so they are informed as soon as the new formats become available.

Last Updated:  Tuesday, 19 March 2019
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