Technical Bulletins

Upgrade of EUMETCast Europe 2nd Transponder to the full capacity

On 3 July 2017, the full C10 transponder became available for EUMETCast for the first time.

The upgrade took place from 09:00–11:00 UTC. The following table shows the downlink parameters for the second transponder which are now valid.

Ku-band Transponder EUTELSAT 10A (10° E), Europe
Transponder C10
Down Link Frequency 11387.500 MHz
Symbol Rate 33000 kS/s
Polarisation Horizontal
Roll-Off 5%
Transmission Standard DVB-S2, CCM mode
MODCOD — High Volume Service 2 [16APSK2/3
MPE transport stream (TS) ISI=1
max 85 Mbps info bit rate (at TS level)
max 77 Mbps IP data rate

Antenna size requirements

The antenna size requirements have not changed, i.e.the antenna size requirements are exactly the same as for the High Volume Service on the first transponder (see Antenna Sizes and Availability for the Basic Service (8PSK3/5) and the High Volume Service (16APSK2/3).

Other changes

No hardware or software changes are needed to support the upgrade.

Configuration changes

The frequency and symbolrate in the DVB device setup for Transponder 2 should havebeen updated during the time window when the upgrade was performed. On some devices, only if it is specified, the MODCOD should also have been updated.

The configuration changes are described in the Tellicast installation guides.

Updated configuration files are available for download from :

Ayecka SR1



For recommended DVB-S2 devices see the EUMETCast Reception Station Set-up webpage

Last Updated:  Thursday, 14 September 2017
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