Technical Bulletins


Welcome to the Technical Bulletins section of EUMETSAT.

Here you'll find a comprehensive round-up of technical updates, issues and changes to our data, products, services and instruments.

The Climate Services bulletin takes a look at the projects members of the EUMETSAT climate team are involved in.

Copernicus User Preparation is a dedicated bulletin to help you prepare for the new marine data and services which will come as part of the Copernicus programme.

From the Data Centre you'll get regular updates on the enhancements and advances we are making in the way we archive and deliver data; details of changes to data types and the chance to give us your feedback.

If you're interested in EUMETCast, you'll get regular updates about this unique delivery system.

For the latest updates about some of Metop's instruments read the GOME-2 and IASI bulletins.

Find out the latest from EUMETSAT training in the Training bulletin.

And finally @EUMETSAT Users is YOUR bulletin where you can share with other users how you utilise satellite data.

Last Updated:  Tuesday, 09 June 2015
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