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By default, our search facility returns results for webpages only.

To search for other types of content, such as documents, please use the filters on the left-hand side. For more information see our search help.

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Improve Search results by filtering

Use the filters on the left to customise the results returned for your search query by type, subject and language.

Each filter contains categories and sub-categories. Tick the categories required and select 'Search Again' to apply filters.

Note: these options are cumulative; you'll need to remove any ticked options or click the 'Reset' button to search again without filtering.


Allows you to choose the format of the content you're looking for, i.e. webpages, documents, news, events etc.


Allows you to specify one or more subject keywords. Multiple selections will only display results containing those subjects.


Allows you to view results in English, French or German. Only content in the selected language will be displayed.

Search using filters only

To search using only the filters and no specific search term (e.g. all 'Brochures' or all 'News') type an asterisk * in the search box, select the required filter(s) and select 'Search Again' to display the results.

USinG special characters in the search QUERY BOX

Some special characters can be put in the search query box to enhance your search.

Special Character Description
" Double quotes around a phrase or word will return the words in the specified order.
Example: "Meteosat and Metop Products"
* The asterisk is used as a placeholder for any unknown or wildcard terms.
If used alone the search will show all results matching the current filter.
It can be used to find all words that start with certain characters.
Example: meteo* would find entries that include meteosat, meteorological etc.

If used with double quotes all entries matching this exact criteria will be shown.
Example: "meteo* products" will return results such as 'Meteosat products', 'Meteosat wind Products' etc.



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