Wildfires. Credit: lassedesignen

Wildfires in Colorado

17 June 2012 17:11 UTC

Wildfires. Credit: lassedesignen
Wildfires. Credit: lassedesignen

Fires in Colorado as seen by Metop-A on 17 June.

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05 July 2022

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17 June 2012

The imagery combines the day orbit image, showing the blue-grey smoke plume, and the subsequent night overpass image, showing hot spots from red to yellow.

The 2012 Colorado wildfires were an unusually devastating series of Colorado wildfires, including several separate fires that occurred throughout June, July, and August 2012. At least 34,500 residents were evacuated in June.

The Metop-A Natural Colour RGB shows the hotspots from the fires the Springer fire, in Eleven Mile Canyon south of Lake George, which burned more than 1,100 acres.

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