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The 2005 EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference

19–23 September 2005, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Dubrovnik, Croatia, 19 – 23 September 2005

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19 September 2005


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Browse the documents in the tables below, arranged by session, and download each of them in PDF format. 

Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Using Synthetic Satellite Images for Automatic Monitoring of NWP Fields: Operational Applications Bernhard Reichert 1.
Assimilation of M8-AMV Data in the HIRLAM-NWP Model Carlos Geijo Guerrero
Meteosat Second Generation: Future Meteorological Products Marianne König 1.
Validation of SAFNWC / MSG Cloud Products with One Year of SEVIRI Data Hervé Le Gléau
Adaption of an Error Decomposition Method in the Verification of Cloud Forecasts Using Satellite Data Christoph Zingerle 3.
Does Satellite Data Have a Potential for Forecasting and Monitoring of Extreme Convective Events as e.g. Tornadoes over Europe? Thomas Böhm 3.
Verification of Nowcasting-SAF Clear Air Products and Forecast of Convective Rain over Central Europe Jochen Wagner
Impact of SEVIRI IR Radiances in Météo-France’s Operational 3D-Var Assimilation System at Regional Scale Thibaut Montmerle
Probability of Precipitation Estimation Using SEVIRI Data and Artificial Neural Networks Davide Capacci
Forest Fire Severity Index from Remote Sensed Atmosphere Parameters Otto Hyvärinen
GRAS SAF Radio Occultation Processing Center Kent Lauritsen 1.
MODIS Atmospheric Profiles Product in Finland - a Feasibility Study Sauli Joro
Rainfall and Lightning Characteristics as Seen by TRMM Satellite Over Some Climatic Regions of Africa Ishiyaku Ibrahim


poster presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Fog / Low Stratus Discrimination Using MSG SEVIRI Data Jan Cermak
ATOVS AMSU-A Usage Over All Surfaces in DMI-HIRLAM Jakob Grove-Rasmussen
Meteosat-8 Imaging Performance Christopher Hanson
Automatic Cloud Classification by Supervised Learning on SEVIRI Data Using Support Vector Machines Method Mateja Irsic Zibert 1.
Validation of SAFNWC/MSG Precipitation Products with Hungarian Radar and Surface Measured Rain Gauge Data Maria Putsay 1.
Operational Use of Meteosat-8 SEVIRI Data and Derived Nowcasting Products Nataša Strelec Mahovic 9.
1D-Variational Cloud Retrieval from SEVIRI Data Ruth Taylor
Comparison of an Optical and a Passive Microwave Rainfall Retrieval over North-Western Africa Boris Thies

verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Operational Derivation of Vegetation Products in the Framework of the LSA SAF Project
(removed upon request of Dr. F. Javier García Haro - 16 October 2017 21:39, via website contact form)
Javier García Haro, (presented by Fernando Camacho de Coca)
The Land-SAF Surface Albedo and Downwelling Shortwave Radiation Flux Products Bernhard Geiger 1.
Land-surface Emissivity Maps Based on MSG/SEVIRI Information Leonardo Peres (presented by Carlos DaCamara) 1.
Monitoring Wildfire Activity over Portugal using MSG and NOAA / METOP Information Teresa Calado 1.
Intercomparison of Meteosat-8 derived LST with MODIS and AATSR Similar Products Isabel Trigo 2.
Monitoring Snow Cover over Europe with Meteosat SEVIRI Peter Romanov


poster presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
The LSA-SAF Evapotranspiration Product: First Results with MSG Alirio Arboleda 1.
Early Validation of MSG Vegetation Products over the Iberian Peninsula Beatriz Martínez, (presented by Fernando Camacho de Coca)
Validation of the LSA SAF FVC and LAI Prototype Algorithm with Polder/Adeos Data over Western Europe Fernando Camacho de Coca 2.
Comparison of Downwelling Surface Longwave Radiation Fluxes Derived from Meteosat-8 with In Situ Measurements Cristina Madeira (presented by Carlos DaCamara) 3.
Ocean and Sea Ice SAF Radiative Flux Products Estimated from AVHRR Data at High Latitudes Øystein Godøy

verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Remote Sensing of Inhomogeneous Clouds with MSG/SEVIRI Tobias Zinner
EarthCARE - a New Mission Providing Global Cloud and Aerosol Profiles Paul Ingmann 2
Remote Sensing of Cloud Albedo from Backscattered Sunlight in Cloudy Atmosphere Anja Hünerbein
Atmospheric Influence on Satellite Derived Sea Surface Temperature: a Case of the Adriatic Sea Tanja Trosic
Retrieval of Volcanic Sulfur Dioxide Emissions from GOME Backscatter Measurements Werner Thomas
The Introduction of Clouds and Aerosols in the ECMWF Fast Radiative Transfer Model for the Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer Marco Matricardi
MSG Observations of Deep Convective Storms Martin Setvák 9
Comparison of Microwave and Optical Cloud Water Path Estimates From TMI, MODIS, and MISR Ákos Horváth


poster presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Cloud Radiative Forcing from SEVIRI Data: Possible Effects of Air Pollution Elsa Cattani 5
Satellite Characterization of Power Plant Aerosol Emissions Maria João Costa 1
FLISS: a User-Friendly Satellite Signal Simulator Using Monte-Carlo and Line-by-line Techniques for Multiple Scattering Layered Atmospheres Boris Fomin
Pixel-based Composite TOA Clearsky Reflectances for SEVIRI Visible Images Alessandro Ipe 7.
Improving the AVHRR Estimates of the Adriatic Sea Surface Temperature Igor Tomazic (presented by Milivoj Kuzmic) 2.
Remote Sensing of Vertical Integrated Water Vapor Using SEVIRI Infrared Measurements Martin Stengel
Progress and Promise for Observing Troposheric Gas Variations with Satellite Advanced IR Sounders Alexander Uspensky