Farming Landscape



Monitoring the land from space

Farming Landscape
Farming Landscape

EUMETSAT’s satellites play a key role monitoring wildfires, biomass burning, vegetation, land temperature, and even soil moisture, from space.

Last Updated

01 June 2022

Published on

27 March 2020

EUMETSAT’s Meteosat satellites are able to monitor fires, vegetation cover, land surface temperature, as well as snow cover, from their orbit 36,000km above the Earth.

Closer to Earth in polar orbit, the Metop satellites are able to collect more detailed global observations on fires, vegetation, snow cover, land surface temperature, albedo and even soil moisture.

EUMETSAT also operates the Copernicus Sentinel-3 satellites on behalf of the European Union, and delivers the ocean data, while the land colour and surface temperature data is delivered by our partners, ESA.

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