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The 2006 EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference

12–16 June 2006, Helsinki, Finland

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A Spot Placeholder

Helsinki, Finland, 12 - 16 June 2006

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12 June 2006


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Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Status of Japanese geostationary satellites and recent activities of MSC Daisaku Uesawa
Korean geostationary satellite programme: Communication, Ocean and meteorological Satellite (COMS) Jae-Myun Shim
The EUMETSAT Polar System (EPS): Missions, products and services Dieter Klaes
Initial results of MSG-2 commissioning Denis Fayard, Christopher Hanson and the commissioning team
Status of the meteorological products derived at EUMETSAT and their combined use for weather analysis Kenneth Holmlund, Jörgen Bertil Gustafsson, Ahmet Yildirim, Arthur de Smet  
Meteosat Third Generation: Mission payload concepts at the end of pre-phase A studies Donny Aminou, Jean-Loup Bézy, Paolo Bensi, Rolf Stuhlmann, Antonio Rodríguez, Stephen Tjemkes
2006 update on baseline for the GOES-R series Timothy Schmit, James Gurka
Next generation microwave radiometry missions for meteorology in low earth orbits Janet Charlton, U.Klein 30
A medium earth orbit constellation for polar wind measurements Gerald Dittberner, Shyam Bajpai, Andrew Gerber jr., Richard Baron, Francois Rogez
The Molniya Orbit Imager – A high-latitude quasi-geostationary mission concept Lars Peter Riishojgaard


poster presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Remote sensing of cloud properties from the Communications, Ocean and Meteorology Satellite (COMS) imagery Yong-Sang Choi, Ho Chang-Hoi, Ahn Myoung-Hwan, Kim Young-Mi
Meteosat Third Generation infrared sounder Jochen Grandell, Rolf Stuhlmann, Stephen Tjemkes
Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget (GERB) data Jacqueline Russell, J E Harries, Nicolas Clerbaux
Making the most of EUMETCast David Taylor

Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Keynote Presentation: Report from Cloud Workshop 17-19 May 2006 in Norrköping, Sweden and general thoughts on cloud products for nowcasting Anke Thoss
MSG for nowcasting - Experiences over Southern Africa Estelle De Coning, Marianne König 1.
Nowcasting fog and low clouds with Meteosat Second Generation Sibbo Van der Veen 40
Improving the Nimrod nowcasting system's satellite precipitation estimates by introducing the new SEVIRI channels Peter Francis, Davide Capacci, Roger Saunders
Comparison between lightning data and cloud top temperatures in Finland Antti Mäkelä
A novel technique for the detection of rain using visible and near-infrared satellite imagery Thomas Nauss, A. A. Kokhanovsky, Jörg Bendix
The impact of weather on aircraft accidents Rudzani Malala 2.
Use of MSG global instability indices for storm prediction in Poland - Validation Study Piotr Struzik, Marianne König, Monika Pajek 1.
Mesoscale analysis and simulation of the African monsoon Mathieu Nuret, J.P. Lafore, T. Montmerle, S. Sénési, F. Autones.


Poster presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Using SEVIRI derived cloud microphysical proprieties to infer cloud structure and ground precipitation Davide Capacci, N. Roberto, M. Celano, F. Porcù, P. Alberoni, F. Prodi
Operational snow cover mapping over the Alps using multi-temporal SEVIRI data Martijn De Ruyter de Wildt, Gabriela Seiz, Armin Grün 1.
Use of satellite imagery for short-term prediction of rainfall in Ethiopia Kassa Fekadu
Bayesian cloud detection with pre-clustering of imagery Shona Mackie, C. J. Merchant, P. N. Francis 1
Combined and parallel use of MSG composite images and SAFNWC/MSG products at the Hungarian Meteorological Service Maria Putsay, Kornél Kolláth, Ildikó Szenyán
Retrieval of atmospheric water vapor from SEVIRI using a fast segmentation optimal estimation technique Maximilian Reuter, M. Stengel, R. Preusker
Process oriented rainfall rate assignment based on cloud properties Thomas Nauss, Boris Thies, C. Reudenbach and Jörg Bendix
Synergetic use of Meteosat data and radar products Paul de Valk, I. Holleman

Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Assessment of cloud parameterisation schemes utilising satellite data and entity-based verification methods Christoph Zingerle
Use of satellite data in the JRA-25 reanalysis Masami Sakamoto, Kazutoshi Onogi, Shinya Kobayashi, Takanori Matsumoto
Ground based GPS receivers as a meteorological observing system Juha-Pekka Luntama, Reima Eresmaa, Heikki Järvinen, Kirsti Salonen 25
Exploitation of Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget (GERB) data from 2003-2006 in the evaluation of the Met Office global NWP model Richard Allan, Anthony Slingo, Sean Milton, Malcolm Brooks 1.
The exploitation of MSG data in the Met Office Roger Saunders, Richard Francis, Pete Francis, Joanne Crawford, Andy Smith, Ian Brown, Ruth Taylor, Mary Forsythe, Marie Doutriaux-Boucher, Sarah Millington
The diurnal cycle observed by Meteosat-8 and simulated by a climate model Ruth Comer, Anthony Slingo, Richard Allan


poster presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
The Impact of targeted satellite observations on weather prediction Marie Dando, Alan Thorpe, John Eyre, Stephen English
Expected NWP impact of ESA's ADM-Aeolus wind profiling mission and of potential follow-on scenarios Ad Stoffelen, Gert-Jan Marseille, Jan Barkmeijer

Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Interannual and decadal variations of arctic radiation in July G. Louis Smith, T. Dale Bess
Sea ice microwave emission modelling applications Rasmus Tonboe, S. Andersen, R. S. Gill, L. Toudal Pedersen
Operational SST retrieval from MSG/SEVIRI data Pierre Le Borgne, Gérard Legendre, Anne Marsouin 74

Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Environmental monitoring of the atmosphere using a four-dimensional variational (4D-VAR) data assimilation system at ECMWF Richard Engelen, Angela Benedetti, Antje Dethof, Johannes Flemming, Anthony Hollingsworth, Johannes Kaiser, Claes Larsson, Jean-Jacques Morcrette, Miha Razinger, Soumia Serrar, Adrian Simmons, Martin Suttie 55
Comparison of fires detected by satellite and in-situ data in Scandinavia Otto Hyvärinen
A synergetic use of remote-sensed data to assess the evolution of burnt area by wildfires in Portugal Teresa Calado, Carlos DaCamara
Observation requirements for global biomass burning emission monitoring Johannes Kaiser, Martin Schultz, Jean-Marie Grégoire, Christiane Textor, Mikhail Sofiev, Etienne Bartholomé, Marc Leroy, Richard Engelen, Anthony Hollingsworth
Sequential assimilation of land temperature for monitoring surface components of the hydrologic cycle Francesca Caparrini, F. Castelli, D. Entekhabi, L. Campo 79
A soil moisture retrieval algorithm based on Meteosat imagery Willem Verstraeten, Frank Veroustraete, Jan Feyen
Multispectral clear-sky brightness temperature over desert for aerosol retrieval Bart de Paepe, Alessandro Ipe, Nicolas Clerbaux, Steven Dewitte 2.
Monitoring and quantitavely retrieving dust storm from satellite thermal infrared measurements Peng Zhang, J. Li, N. M. Lu, X. Q. Hu, T.J. Schmit


Poster presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Improvement in the GERB SW Flux estimations over snow covered surfaces Cedric Bertrand, L. Gonzalez, Alessandro Ipe, Nicolas Clerbaux
Angular dependency model for the Meteosat longwave radiation Nicolas Clerbaux, S. Dewitte, Cedric Bertrand, D. Caprion, Bart Depaepe, L. Gonzalez, Alessandro Ipe 1.
Reprocessing Meteosat images for ECMWF reanalysis: Present and future activities Bertrand Théodore, Leo van de Berg, Sakari Uppala, Mark Jenner

Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
GOME-2 on Metop: From in-orbit verification to routine operations Rosemary Munro, Michael Eisinger, Craig Anderson, Jörg Callies, Enrico Corpaccioli, Rüdiger Lang, Alain Lefebvre, Yakov Livschitz, Abelardo Pérez Albiñana
Potential of monitoring nitrogen oxides with satellite instruments Steffen Beirle, U.Platt, T. Wagner 1.

Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
EUMETCAL – The spirit of cooperation Carola Sundius 2
EUMeTrain - International project dedicated to the development of training material and training methods for satellite meteorology Jarno Schipper
Harmonising SEVIRI RGB composites for operational forecasting HansPeter Roesli, Jochen Kerkmann, Daniel Rosenfeld 7.
Research and capacity building in satellite training in Nigeria Taiwo Adelugba, A.O. Ediang


Poster presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Synoptic environment study in combination with MSG images during a long heavy rain period in the Baltic states and Finland 8-12 August 2005 Vesa Nietosvaara, Izolda Marcinoniene 1.

Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Keynote Presentation: The EUMETSAT network of Satellite Application Facilities: Assets and perspectives Lothar Schüller, Lorenzo Sarlo
Validation of cloud liquid water path retrievals from SEVIRI on Meteosat-8 using Cloudnet observations R.A. Roebeling and A.J. Feijt (presented by Erwin Wolters)
Validation of the surface albedo product (SAL) of CM SAF in winter conditions Terhikki Manninen, Niilo Siljamo, Jani Poutiainen
Keynote Presentation: Unified framework for precipitation retrieval and analysis by means of multisensor satellite observations and cloud model simulations: Application to H-SAF Alberto Mugnai, Bizzarro Bizzarri, F. Di Paola, S. Dietrich, Vincenzo Levizzani, F. Torricella 1.
The Land Surface Analysis SAF: One year of pre-operational activity Carlos Da Camara 77
Implementation of near real-time soil moisture products in the SAF network based on Metop ASCAT data Stefan Hasenauer, W. Wagner, K. Scipal, V. Naeimi, Z. Bartalis
Ground truth for MSG land surface temperature Ewa Gajewska, Fred Prata, Folke Olesen
Validation of the OSI SAF radiative fluxes Anne Marsouin, Pierre Le Borgne, Gérard Legendre, 2
The GRAS SAF: Radio occultation products from Metop Kent Lauritsen, H. Gleisner, Frans Rubek, M. B. Sørensen, P. Thejll 1.
Operational GOME-2 total column products: The GDP 4.0 Algorithm Pieter Valks, Diego Loyola, Michel Van Roozendael, Robert Spurr,Dimitris Balis, Jean-Christopher Lambert, Yakov Livschitz, Thomas Ruppert, Pepijn Kenter, Caroline Fayt, Claus Zehner
SAF on ozone and atmospheric chemistry monitoring - Operational status and future developments Jukka Kujanpää, T. Riihisaari, D. Loyola, L. Backman, R. van Oss, O. Tuinder, R. Munro, F. Karcher, S. Sihvo
High resolution scatterometer wind processing Jur Vogelzang, Ad Stoffelen, Marcos Portabella, Anton Verhoef, Jeroen Verspeek 24


Poster presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Cloud masking for the OSI SAF global Metop/AVHRR SST product Adam Dyybroe, Sara Hörnquist, Lydie Lavanant, Philippe Marguinaud
Continuous mapping of the Alqueva region of Portugal using satellite imagery Celia Gouveia, Carlos DaCamara 1.
Operational surface UV product and validation service of ozone and atmospheric chemistry monitoring SAF Jukka Kujanpää, A. Määttä, J. Kaurola, T. Koskela, K. Lakkala, A. Karpetchko
Topography effect on the satellite based surface albedo (SAL) product on CM SAF Terhikki Manninen 1.
Validation of SAFNWC layer precipitable water using ECMWF analysis profile and radiosonde Miguel Angel Martinez, Mercedes Velazquez 1.
Producing realistic emissivity maps for the improvement of land surface temperature accuracy Carlos DaCamara, Theresa Calado, Isabel Trigo, Cristina Madeira, Leonardo Peres
Quantitative assessment of cloud phase determination from SEVIRI using ground-based cloud radar and lidar Erwin Wolters, Rob Roebeling, Arnout Feijt