Announcement of opportunity


Announcement of opportunity for the positions of the EUMETSAT Ombudsman and his/her alternate (23/282)


EUMETSAT is seeking two people to be appointed as the EUMETSAT Ombudsman and his/her alternate for a period of 5 years, renewable once in line with the terms of Reference approved by the EUMETSAT Council (see Annex II attached hereto). The alternate of the EUMETSAT Ombudsman shall only perform that role on a case-by-case basis when the Ombudsman is unable to perform his/her duties.

Last Updated

28 February 2023

Published on

23 February 2023

With the approval by the EUMETSAT Council in 2022 of a new procurement review procedure in EUMETSAT’s procurement rules, the Member States together with the Director General have once more emphasised the importance for EUMETSAT to carry out its procurements within the prevailing principles of transparency and fairness in compliance with the EUMETSAT Procurement Procedures.

The role of the EUMETSAT Ombudsman and his/her alternate is central to an independent monitoring of these principles.

Following the introduction of the procurement review procedure, the EUMETSAT Ombudsman’s role is the resolution of claims alleging procedural breach of the Procurement Procedures by EUMETSAT itself.

In this respect, EUMETSAT seeking high-profile candidates for the position of the EUMETSAT Ombudsman and his/her alternate as described in the Announcement of Opportunity.

Please apply by Tuesday 4 April 2023 at 15:00 hours.

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Annexes I and II.