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Recruitment and Selection A Spot
Recruitment and Selection A Spot

Here you will find details of our recruitment and selection process, where each of the stages combine to ensure a process that is as rigorous and as fair as possible.

Last Updated

31 October 2022

Published on

20 April 2020

Initial CV Screening

What happens: Your CV and cover letter will be initially reviewed by our external recruitment partner Cogito who may schedule a short call with you to clarify key points on your application.

The EUMETSAT selection panel will then assess your application against the requirements listed in the vacancy notice.

It is in your interest to provide as much relevant information as possible to demonstrate your suitability for the vacancy, and to explain clearly in your cover letter why you are applying.

Following the initial CV screening, the interview board will create a short list of candidates to invite for interview.

When: This process begins on the vacancy’s closing day and generally lasts 2 weeks.

Psychometric Testing

What happens: if you are shortlisted for the position, you will be required to undertake a series of online tests aimed at assessing your personality at work, your analytical thinking competence and your logical / deductive reasoning.

The outcome of these tests will help the Interview Board build a holistic profile of each candidate for the purpose of better assessing their suitability for the role.

When: if you are shortlisted for interview, our psychometric testing service provider will contact you to agree an appointment, at least one week prior to the interview. The tests will be conducted prior to the interview.


What happens: if you are selected for interview, you will receive an invitation one week before the interview day at the latest.

Interviews are structured around the technical skills and behavioural competencies of the job and conducted by a board usually consisting of 4-5 people, including the Head of Division, the Reporting Officer and a representative from the Human Resources team.

Interviews may take place in person or via video link.

When: interviews are usually scheduled 4-5 weeks after the vacancy closing date.


What happens: some form of practical testing accompanies interviews. You will be advised of this in your interview invitation.

Tests mostly involve work-related exercises or scenarios, but other assessments (ability, case studies, role plays) are also used on occasion.

When: tests usually take place directly after the interview (either in person or online) so that the results can be incorporated into the Interview Board’s interview debriefing.


What happens: once all interviews and tests have been completed, the interview board will come to a decision on which candidate to recommend for selection. The ultimate selection decision is taken by the Director General.

When: the decision process usually takes 2-3 weeks.

Referencing and Background Checking

What happens: if you are the successful candidate, we will contact the references you provided following the interview. Additional background checks will be conducted to verify your employment history and academic attainment. These may also include police clearance checks, depending on the role.

The background checks are administered by an outsourced service provider for which you will need to provide additional information.

Medical Examination and Contract

What happens: as soon as the Director-General approves the recommendation of the Interview Board, the successful candidate will be invited to participate in a contract meeting with HR to discuss terms and conditions of employment. If the successful candidate and HR come to an agreement, they are then required to undergo a medical examination with the EUMETSAT Medical Advisor. It is a requirement that the candidate passes the medical examination before the contract is issued.

When: the medical clearance certificate is sent to EUMETSAT within two weeks of the medical, after which the contract is issued to the selected candidate. The signed contract must be returned within 2 weeks.

Feedback to Non-Selected Candidates

What happens: candidates who are not selected for the position will receive notification via email.

When: when the selected candidate has returned the signed contract.