EUMETSAT’s operational data services now available on six continents



EUMETSAT’s operational data services, which include Copernicus Earth Observation data, are now available on all six continents.

Last Updated

11 November 2020

Published on

25 February 2019

This milestone was made possible when the Kenyan Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) joined the existing user community for the EUMETCast Terrestrial Service .

EUMETCAST Terrestrial is one element of EUMETSAT’s expanding infrastructure that brings Copernicus Earth Observation data to a global user community.

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RCMRD joins the service in the wake of the cooperation agreement signed on 12 June 2018 between the European Commission and the African Union Commission.

The agreement provides African users of Earth Observation data with access to Sentinel Satellites, using high bandwidth terrestrial network connections such as EUMETSAT’s EUMETCast Terrestrial Service. The agreement also fosters the exchange of Earth Observation data between Europe and Africa, helping users to better monitor their environment, crops, water bodies and coastal ecosystems.