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International Weather and Climate Forum

Paris, France, 6-8 October 2023

The International Weather and Climate Forum has become a key event for education and mobilisation on climate issues

Climate industrial
Climate industrial

Celebrating its twentieth year, the International Weather and Climate Forum has become a key event for education and mobilisation on climate issues. This year the forum will look back on two decades of achievements and challenges in the field of climate and biodiversity education.

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25 August 2023

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25 August 2023

The International Weather and Climate Forum will take place in Paris, France from 6 to 8 October, 2023. This event facilitates exchanges between stakeholders (the general public, scientists, companies, weather presenters, local authorities etc.) empowering people to take action on their own initiative. To mark its twentieth anniversary, the forum will coincide with the Fête de la Science (science fair) taking place at the same time.

There are three main events:

6 October: International Symposium

This symposium will explore how to build stories necessary to win the support of individuals, companies and the media in order to foster the shift towards a more environmental and sustainable society. It is aimed particularly at socio-economic and territorial players, scientists, weather presenters, journalists, think tanks representatives of, NGOs and professional associations. Click here to register.

7 October: Media Workshop

The media workshop is organised every year as part of the International Weather and Climate Forum, which brings together the world’s weather presenter community, journalists and representatives of international organisations to discuss communication strategies at an international level. The workshop aims to reflect on how to communicate more effectively on climate change, both to viewers and to policy makers. Together with the World Meteorological Organization, EUMETSAT will co-organise an interactive session for weather presenters and journalists, on the subject of “satellite contributions towards early warnings for all”. Attendance at the media workshop is upon invitation only.

6-8 October: Exhibition

Free and open to all, the exhibition will take place at the Cité des Sciences et de l' Industrie. Everybody is welcome to take part in debates, workshops, digital exhibitions and other activities on the theme of climate, to raise awareness of climate disruption. It will look back on two decades of education on climate and biodiversity issues with a rich programme of interactive events, immersive workshops and discovery games, as well as discussions with ecological researchers and players. More information is available here.

To find out more, visit the event website here and the programme here.