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Joint 2007 EUMETSAT And American Meteorological Society Conference

24–28 September 2007, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 24-28 September 2007

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13 October 2022

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24 September 2007

Joint 2007 EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference and the 15th Satellite Meteorology & Oceanography Conference of the American Meteorological Society.


ISBN 92-9110-079-X
ISSN 1011-3932

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Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Re-designing the space-based Global Observing System Jerome Lafeuille, Donald E. Hinsman  
Korea geostationary satellite program: Communication, Ocean, and Meteorological Satellite (COMS) Mi-Lim Ou, Jae-Gwang Won, Sung-Rae Chung, Hye-Sook Lee, Ae-Sook Suh  
The International Precipitation Working Group Chris Kidd, Ralph Ferraro, Joe Turk, Peter Bauer, Vincenzo Levizzani, Elizabeth Ebert, John Janowiak, Arnold Gruber  
The EPS/Metop system: overview and first results Dieter Klaes, Kenneth Holmlund  
The A-Train: how formation flying is transforming remote sensing Stan Kidder, J. Adam Kankiewicz, Thomas H. Vonder Haar  
New candidate Earth Explorer Core Missions - their importance for atmospheric science and application Paul Ingmann, Joerg Langen  
ATOVS/AVHRR onboard Metop-A: validation and use of products Jörg Ackermann, Dieter Klaes, Eamonn McKernan, Francois Montagner, Thomas Heinemann, Peter Schlüssel, Rainer Schraidt, Lars Fiedler, Rüdiger Lang, Roberto Bonsignori  


Poster presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Meteosat Third Generation: progress on space segment system feasibility studies Donny M. A. Aminou, Hendrik Stark, Wolfgang Schumann, Rolf Stuhlmann, Antonio Rodriguez  
METimage - an innovative imaging radiometer for Post-EPS Christian Bruens, Matthias Alpers, Alexander Pillukat  
Development of ADM-AEOLUS portable level 2B wind retrieval software Jos de Kloe, Gert-Jan Marseille, Ad Stoffelen, Karim Houchi, David G.H. Tan, Erik Andersson, Paul Poli, Marie-Laure Denneulin, Alain Dabas, Dorit Huber, Oliver Reitebuch, Pierre Flamant, Olivier Le Rille, Herbert Nett  
From OMI and SCIAMACHY to TROPOMI: recent improvements in Sun backscatter atmospheric composition measurements Johan de Vries, Erik Laan, Isabel Escudero-Sanz, Huib Visser, Ilse Aben, Rienk Jongma, Marcel Dobber, Pepijn Veefkind, Pieternel Levelt  
Origami and GIPS: running a hyperspectral sounder processing system on a lightweight on-demand distributed computing framework Maciej Smuga-Otto, Raymond Garcia, Graeme Martin, Bruce Flynn, Robert Knuteson  
An optical device for correcting geostationary satellite imagery for Earth curvature effects: making Meteosat imagery over Europe as good as it is over equatorial Africa David Johnson  
The GRAS SAF project: radio occultation products from Metop Kent Lauritsen, Hans Gleisner, Michael Gorbunov, Frans Rubek, Martin Sørensen  
Improving the usability of nighttime imagery from low light sensors Thomas Lee, F. Joseph Turk, Jeffrey D. Hawkins, Cristian Mitrescu, Steven D. Miller, Mike Haas  
In orbit verification results from GRAS receiver on MetOp-A satellite Marc Loiselet, Nico Stricker, Jacob Christensen, Carmelo Carrascosa  
Representativity of the Valencia and the Alacant Anchor Stations in the context of validation of remote sensing algorithms and low-resolution products Ernesto Lopez-Baeza, Sara Vidal, Aurelio Cano, Carlos Domenech, A. Geraldo Geraldo Ferreira, Cristina Millan-Scheiding, Cecilia Narbon, Javier Sanchis, Almudena Velazquez  
A change to the MSG Level 1.5 image product radiance definition Johannes Mueller, Leo van de Berg, Volker Gärtner, Christopher Hanson, Thomas Heinemann, Kenneth Holmlund, Marianne König  
ADM-AEOLUS - ESA's space-borne wind profiling lidar Anne Grete Straume-Lindner, Paul Ingmann, Martin Endemann  
Simulation of CERES and GERB TOA products over the Valencia anchor station for GERB validation purposes Almudena Velazquez-Blazquez, Aurelio Cano, Carlos Domenech, A.Geraldo Ferreira, Sara Vidal, Ernesto Lopez-Baeza, Nicolas Clerbaux, Steven Dewitte, Luis Gonzalez, Victor Estelles, Juan Jorge Sanchez, Ramon Tarruella, Norman.G. Loeb, David Pino, Antonio Rius, Josep Torrobella, G.Louis Smith, Z.Peter Szewczyk  
Evaluation of GOES-12 Sounder single field of view and 3x3 retrievals of total precipitable water over the ARM SGP site Sarah Bedka, Jun Li, Wayne Feltz, Anthony Schreiner, James Nelson  


Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
The relative contributions of the various space observing systems Graeme Kelly, Jean-Noel Thepaut  
Towards the assimilation of scatterometer derived soil moisture in the ECMWF numerical weather prediction model Klaus Scipal, Matthias Drusch, Stefan Hasenauer, Wolfgang Wagner, Alexander Jann  
Assimilation of hyperspectral infrared sounder radiances in the French global numerical weather prediction ARPEGE model Nadia Fourrie, Mohamed Dahoui, Vincent Guidard, Paul Poli, Florence Rabier, Thomas Pangaud  
Recent developments in the use of ATOVS data at ECMWF Niels Bormann, Blazej Krzeminski, Jean-Noël Thépaut, Fatima Karbou  
First results of the assimilation of COSMIC data for weather forecasting applications at Environment Canada Godelieve Deblonde, Josep Aparicio  
The impact of GOES rapid-scan Atmospheric Motion Vectors (AMVs) on global numerical weather prediction model forecasts Howard Berger, Christopher Velden  
On the use of microwave observations over land at Météo-France Elisabeth Gérard, Fatima Karbou, Florence Rabier  
Assimilation of polar orbiting satellite data in the JMA operational NWP systems Kozo Okamoto, Hiromi Owada, Yoshiaki Sato, Eiji Ozawa, Masaya Takahashi  
Doppler Wind Lidar improves 1999 Christmas storm forecasts Gert-Jan Marseille, Ad Stoffelen, Jan Barkmeijer  


Poster presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Evaluation of a new quality indicator to estimate satellite-derived atmospheric motion vector observation error Howard Berger, Christopher Velden, Steve Wanzong, Jaime Daniels  
Assimilation experiments with data from three conically scanning microwave instruments (SSMIS, AMSR-E, TMI) in the ECMWF system Niels Bormann, Graeme Kelly, Peter Bauer, William Bell  
Atmospheric motion vectors at the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting Claire Delsol, Dick Dee, Sakari Uppala, Niels Bormann, Jean-Noel Thepaut  
Addition of AIRS, SSM/I, QUIKSCAT and 3.9M AMV satellite data in MSC’s operational 4DVAR assimilation system Louis Garand, David Anselmo, Josep Aparicio, Alain Beaulne, Mark Buehner, Jean-Marc Bélanger, Godelieve Deblonde, Jacques Hallé, Pierre Koclas, Réal Sarrazin, Gilles Verner, Nicolas Wagneur  
Progress toward the assimilation of cloudy infrared radiances at MSC Louis Garand, Sylvain Heilliette  
Assimilation of cloud and precipitation affected microwave radiances at ECMWF Alan Geer, Peter Bauer, Philippe Lopez, Graeme Kelly, Chris O'Dell  
Impact of temperature and humidity profiles from MODIS on microscale modelling Svenja Koos, Pak Wai Chan  
Updates in the assimilation of geostationary radiances at ECMWF Carole Peubey, Jean-Noel Thepaut, Sakari Uppala, Dick Dee, Tony McNally  
The Concordiasi project over Antarctica during the International Polar Year (IPY) Florence Rabier, Aurélie Bouchard, Alexis Doerenbecher, Vincent Guidard, Fatima Karbou, Vincent-Henri Peuch, Nourredine Semane, Christophe Genthon, Ghislain Picard, Albert Hertzog, Francois Vial, Philippe Cocquerez, Terry Hock, David Parsons, Jordan Powers, Keith Romberg, Joseph VanAndel, Terry Deshler, Roberto Mechoso, Jennifer Haase, Linea Avallone  
A new fast radiative transfer model - RTTOV-9 Roger Saunders, Marco Matricardi, Peter Bauer, Deborah Salmond, Peter Rayer, Thomas Blackmore  
Assimilation of SEVIRI infrared radiances into a meso-scale NWP model Martin Stengel  
Assimilation of SEVIRI information in the Met Office's forecast models: initial experiences Ruth Taylor, Peter Francis, Roger Saunders  
The impact of near-real-time AIRS thermodynamic profiles on regional weather forecasting Bradley Zavodsky, Shih-Hung Chou, Gary J. Jedlovec, William M. Lapenta  


Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Keynote Presentation: 60 Years Operational Satellites Wolfgang Benesch  
A nowcasting application study using MSG, lightning data and weather radar Estelle de Coning  
MSG imagery: added value to a severe weather situation? Frans Debie  
Keynote Presentation: Improved representation of satellite atmospheric motion vectors by attributing assigned heights to tropospheric layers Kristopher Bedka, Christopher Velden  
Temporal-differencing and region-growing techniques to improve twilight low cloud detection from SEVIRI data Marcel Derrien, Hervé Le Gleau  
Keynote Presentation: Detection of aircraft icing conditions over Europe using SEVIRI data Peter Francis  
Towards a MSG-based operational method for actual evaporation for Savannah regions in West Africa Arnold F. Moene, Dirk Schüttemeyer, Henk A.R. De Bruin  
Eumetcal working groups and the road to Blended Learning Courses Jaakko Karppanen  
Toward An Objective Enhanced-V Detection Algorithm Jason Brunner, Wayne Feltz, Steven Ackerman, John Moses, Robert Rabin  
Fog detection based on synergy of satellite and ground based observations Paul De Valk, Jitze VanDerMeulen  


Poster presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Verification of the Zambia rainfall seasonal forecasts using meteorological products from Meteosat Ndui Aikayo  
A satellite-derived drought product to improve agrometeorological consulting Ralf Becker, Klaus-Peter Wittich, Dirk Koslowsky  
Snow cover retrieval over Italy by MSG data Paolo Boi  
Satellite-based nowcasting and aviation weather applications for convection, turbulence, and volcanic ash Wayne Feltz, Kristopher Bedka, Anthony Wimmers, Sarah M. Bedka, Steve Ackerman, Michael Pavolonis, John Mecikalski, John Murray, David Johnson  
Satellite-derived mountain wave turbulence interest field detection Wayne Feltz, Jason Otkin, Kristopher Bedka, Anthony Wimmers, Robert Sharman  
Quantitative evaluation of 6.2 µm, 7.3 µm, 8.7 µm channels response to tropospheric moisture distribution Christo Georgiev, Patrick Santurette, Fabienne Dupont, Pascal Brunel  
Web-based tools to facilitate education and training in satellite meteorology Tommy Jasmin, Thomas Achtor, Steven A. Ackerman, Margaret Mooney, Tom Whittaker  
An open source, three-tiered approach to satellite data collection, delivery, and visualization Tommy Jasmin, Dave Santek  
Progress on the integration of advanced satellite cloud products into an operational aircraft icing nowcasting system David Johnson, Julie Haggerty, Frank McDonough, Jennifer Black, Scott Landolt, Cory Wolff, Patrick Minnis  
Developing satellite data access methods to broaden potential user community Ken Knapp  
Retrieval of Total Precipitable Water from the Split-Window Technique in the East Asian Region Kwang-Mog Lee, Joong-Hyun Park  
ASCAT NRT data processing and distribution at NOAA/NESDIS Gene Legg, Paul Chang, Seubson Soisuvarn, Qi Zhu, Zorana Jelenak, Jeffrey Augenbaum  
Evaluating the calibration of MTSAT-1R infrared channels using collocated Terra MODIS measurements Hye-Sook Park, Byung-Ju Sohn  
The Surface Albedo Product (SAL) of CM-SAF in modeling of sea ice mass balance Aku Riihelä, Terhikki Manninen, Bin Cheng, Kaj Andersson  
Water vapour imagery analysis in 7.3µ/6.2µ for diagnosing thermo-dynamic context of intense convection Patrick Santurette, Christo Georgiev  
Application of satellite imagery in operational forecasting for aviation Tadesse Soboka  
GOES rapid-scan atmospheric motion vectors: contributions to field experiments and analyses Dave Stettner, Chris Velden  
Assessing the quality of MODIS and AVHRR polar winds William Straka III, Mary Forsythe, Jamie Daniels, Jeff Key, David Santek, Christopher Velden  
MSG global instability indices for storm nowcasting - validation studies on product quality and analysis of sensibility to input model data Piotr Struzik, Monika Pajek, Marianne Koenig  
A prediction scheme for aircraft turbulence at tropopause folds using satellite imagery and EDR data Anthony Wimmers, Wayne Feltz  


Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Keynote Presentation: Milky Seas: a new science frontier for nighttime visible-band satellite remote sensing Steven Miller, Steven Haddock, Chris Elvidge, Tom Lee  
Keynote Presentation: Diagnosing the precipitation cycles over Africa and Europe from satellite data Arlene Laing, Vincenzo Levizzani, Roberto Ginnetti, Richard Carbone  
The SAF for Land Surface Analysis Wildfire Applications Carlos DaCamara, Teresa Calado, Malik Amraoui, José M. C. Pereira  
Intercomparison of satellite products and in-situ analysis for snow Otto Hyvärinen  
Validation of land surface temperature retrieved from Meteosat Second Generation satellites Isabel Monteiro, Isabel Trigo, Ewa Kebasch, Folke Olesen  


Poster presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Satellite signatures associated with significant convectively-induced turbulence events Kristopher Bedka, Wayne Feltz, Annelise Lenz, Jordan Gerth, John Mecikalski, Robert Sharman  
Using AVHRR imagery to improve the official database of wildfires in Portugal Teresa Calado, Carlos DaCamara  
Measuring Urban Surfaces' Thermal Inertia Gianfranco Casanova, Cédric Bertrand, Koen De Ridder  
The impact of the North Atlantic Oscillation on vegetation dynamics over Europe Carlos DaCamara, Ricardo M. Trigo, Celia Gouveia  
A new optimal index for burnt area discrimination in satellite imagery Carlos DaCamara, José M.C. Pereira, Alberto Setzer, Fabiano Morelli, Renata Libonati  
Validation of the LSA SAF Land-Surface Emissivity Product Using MODIS Data Carlos DaCamara, Renata Libonati, Leonardo Peres  
O3M SAF Surface UV Product - initial Metop-A results Jukka Kujanpää, Niilo Kalakoski, Jari Hovila, Tapani Koskela  
Snow melting detection in Finland using the CM-SAF Weekly Surface Albedo Product (SAL) Terhikki Manninen, Hanna Hannuniemi, Janne Rinne,  
LandSAF snow cover mapping using MSG/SEVIRI data Niilo Siljamo, Otto Hyvärinen  
Preliminary validation studies of EUMETSAT’s active fire monitoring product for Türkiye Ahmet Tekeli, Ýbrahim Sönmez, Erdem Erdi, Murat Arslan, Meral L. Çukurçayýr, Fatih Demir, Serkan Eminoðlu, Hakan Koçak  
MODIS-based investigations on the urban heat islands of Bucharest (Romania) and Prague (Czech Republic) Michal Zak, Sorin Cheval, Alexandru Dumitrescu, Vit Kveton  


Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Keynote Presentation: Operational SST retrieval from Metop/AVHRR Pierre Le Borgne, Gerard Legendre, Anne Marsouin  
Emissivity and reflection model for calculating water surface-leaving infrared radiance Nicholas Nalli, Paul van Delst, Peter J. Minnett, Eric Maddy, W. Wallace McMillan, Mitchell D. Goldberg  
Keynote Presentation: ASCAT scatterometer cal/val and winds Jeroen Verspeek, Marcos Portabella, Ad Stoffelen, Anton Verhoef, Jur Vogelzang  
Mesoscale winds over the ocean Jur Vogelzang, Ad Stoffelen, Marcos Portabella, Anton Verhoef, Jeroen Verspeek  
Calibration and validation of ASCAT backscatter Craig Anderson, Hans Bonekamp, Julian Wilson, Julia Figa, Arthur de Smet, Colin Duff  
Investigation of large scale and regional features of wave height using multi-satellite altimeter measurements Pierre Queffeulou, Denis Croizé-Fillon 4
Data Model Integration of SPM transport in the Dutch coastal zone Meinte Blaas, Ghada Y.H. El Serafy, Thijs Van Kessel, Gerben J. De Boer, Marieke A. Eleveld, Hans J. Van der Woerd 9
Developing an ocean colour service supporting global carbon-cycle research and operational oceanography Odile Fanton d'Andon, Samantha Lavender, Antoine Mangin, Simon Pinnock  
Towards a high-resolution gridded ocean forcing Marcos Portabella, Ad Stoffelen, Anton Verhoef, Jeroen Verspeek, Jur Vogelzang  
Introduction of J-OFURO latent heat flux version2 Masahisa Kubota, Hiroyuki Tomita  


Poster presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Development of a global QC/QA processor for operational NOAA 16-18 and Metop AVHRR SST products Prasanjit Dash, Alexander Ignatov, John Sapper, Yury Kihai, Alexander Frolov, Dilkushi de Alwis  
Data assimilation of satellite data of suspended particulate matter in Delft3D-WAQ for the North Sea Ghada El Serafy, Meinte Blaas, Marieke Eleveld, Hans J. van der Woerd  
Using SPM observations derived from MERIS reflectances in a data assimilation scheme for sediment transport in the Dutch coastal zone Marieke A. Eleveld, Hans J. van der Woerd, Meinte Blaas, Ghada Y. El Serafy  
Multi-sensor satellite observations of the Adriatic Sea response to strong Bora wind Milivoj Kuzmic, Igor Tomazic  
Wintertime SST and Chl-a off NW Iberian shelf from satellite and in-situ data Paulo Oliveira, Teresa Moita, Rui Catarino, António Jorge da Silva  
EUMETSAT SAF and EARS scatterometer wind services at KNMI Anton Verhoef, Ad Stoffelen, Marcos Portabella, Jeroen Verspeek, Jur Vogelzang  
Extending the use of satellite altimetry for coastal applications: the ALTICORE project Stefano Vignudelli, Helen M. Snaith, Paolo Cipollini, Fabio Venuti, Florent Lyard, Jean François Cretaux, Florence Birol, Jérôme Bouffard, Laurent Roblou, Andrey Kostianoy, Anna Ginzburg, Nickolay Sheremet, Elena Kuzmina, Sergey Lebedev, Alexander Sirota, Dmitry Medvedev, Svetlana Khlebnikova, Ramiz Mamedov, Khasiyat Ismatova, Amir Alyev, Tural Nabiyev  


Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Development of remote sensing techniques for detecting variations of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations from high-resolution infrared sounders Alexander Uspensky, Alexander Kukharsky, Sergey Romanov, Alexey Rublev  
First results of O3M SAF vertical ozone profiles from GOME-2 on Metop-A Olaf Tuinder, Piet Stammes  


Poster presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Aerosol optical depth retrieval over land from NOAA AVHRR: sensitivity studies Michael Riffler, Christoph Popp, Stefan Wunderle, Adrian Hauser  
Comparison of NO2 column estimates from AERONET data with SCIAMACHY retrievals in industrialized regions Alexei Rublev, Andreas Richter, Tatiana Udalova, Natalia Zysina, Iraida Gorchakova  
GOME-2 Commissioning Results - Geophysical Validation of the Level 1 Products Rosemary Munro, Michael Eisinger, Rüdiger Lang, Yakov Livschitz, Abelardo Pérez Albiñana  


Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
A 20-year record of satellite-derived winds over the polar regions for climate studies Jeffrey Key, Richard Dworak, David Santek, Christopher Velden  
Variability of free tropospheric humidity from Meteosat over the tropics: 1983-2005 Helene Brogniez, Julien Lemond, Remy Roca, Laurence Picon  
Monitoring present day changes in water vapour and the radiative energy balance using satellite data, reanalyses and models Richard Allan  
Consistency in the variations of total column ozone inferred from OMI and SBUV/2 during 2004-2007 Erwoon Chiou, R.D. McPeters, J.P. Veefkind, S. Frith  
Hurricane Satellite (HURSAT) data sets: development, access and applications Ken Knapp  
Snow cover climatology from Meteosat-8 Gabriela Seiz, Nando Foppa, Andreas Asch, Martijn De Ruijter de Wildt  


Poster presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Systematic observation requirements for satellite-based products for climate Stephan Bojinski, Paul J. Mason  
Towards a combined GOME, SCIAMACHY and GOME-2 global total column water vapour data set Heinrich Bovensmann, Sebastian Mieruch, Stefan Noel, John P. Burrows  
Estimating the impact of aerosol on radiative fluxes obtained from the Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget (GERB) instrument Helen Brindley, Jacqui Russell  
NOAA/NESDIS ASCAT near real-time wind data product - calibration and validation activities Paul Chang, Zorana Jelenak, Seubson Soisuvarn, Gordana Sindjic-Rancic  
The European climate anomaly in 2006 as seen by the Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget instrument Steven Dewitte, D. Caprion, N. Clerbaux, L. Gonzalez, A. Ipe, C. Bertrand, B. De Paepe  
20 Years of Hydrological Products From the SSM/I: Status and Future Ralph Ferraro, Fuzhong Weng, Huan Meng, Daniel Vila  
Validation of cloud masks using ceilometer data Sauli Joro, Marcel Derrien, Hervé Le Gléau, Adam Dybbroe  
Evaluation of variant and invariant cross-track asymmetry in the NOAA-14 Microwave Sounding Unit by a planned maneuver and an unplanned spacecraft tumble Thomas Kleespies  
Improving the quality and extending the availability of SSMI data Hilawe Semunegus, John Bates (presented by Ken Knapp)  
Antarctic ice albedo, temperature and sea ice concentration trends, 1981-2000 Vesa Laine (presented by Niilo Siljamo)  
Comparison of cloud statistics from Meteosat with regional climate model data Roger Huckle, Folke Olesen, Gerd Schädler  
An analysis of the global climatology of ice cloud effective radius using PATMOS-x William Straka III, Andrew K. Heidinger, Daniel T. Lindsey 4


Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Simulation of radar reflectivities in the UK Met Office model: comparison with CloudSat data Alejandro Bodas-Salcedo, Malcolm E. Brooks, Mark J. Webb  
Keynote Presentation: Retrieval of ice cloud microphysical properties using AIRS and synergy with CALIPSO Sylvain Cros, Claudia Stubenrauch, Raymond Armante, Alain Chedin, Noelle Scott, Nicolas Lamquin, Anthony Baran  
Evaluating icing nowcasts using CloudSat Thomas Lee, Cristian Mitrescu, Steven Miller, Cory Wolff  
Remote sensing of precipitation at higher latitudes using combined active and passive microwave observations Mark Kulie, Ralf Bennartz  
Tropical-like Mediterranean storms: an analysis from satellite Angel Luque, Lluis Fita, Romualdo Romero, Sergio Alonso  
Intercomparison of retrieved cloud properties from MSG-SEVIRI and MODIS Hartwig Deneke, Robert Roebeling, Erwin Wolters, Arnout Feijt  
Update on the TRMM multi-satellite precipitation analysis and prospects for global analysis George Huffman, Robert Adler, David Bolvin, Eric Nelkin  


Poster presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Rainfall estimates over Africa using MSG Thomas Blackmore, Robin Chadwick, David Grimes, Roger Saunders, Peter Francis  
Rain-rate estimation from SEVIRI/MSG and AMSR-E/AQUA. Validation and comparison by using U.K. Weather radars Davide Capacci, Federico Porcu', Franco Prodi  
Diurnal variation of upper tropospheric humidity and its relations to convective activities over tropical Africa Eui-Seok Chung, Byung-Ju Sohn, Johannes Schmetz  
Importance, identification and measurement of light precipitation at mid- to high latitudes Chris Kidd, Paul Joe 6
The parallax correction of MSG images on the basis of the SAFNWC cloud top height product Eszter Lábó, Judit Kerényi, Maria Putsay  
Aerosols and clouds: improved knowledge through space borne Lidar measurements Dulce Lajas, Paul Ingmann, Tobias Wehr, Albert Ansmann  
Operational cloud masking for the OSI SAF global Metop/AVHRR SST production Lydie Lavanant, Philippe Marguinaud, Loic Harang, Jérôme Lelay, Sonia Péré, Sabine Philippe  
Observed and model-simulated intraseasonal WAM variability for the 2005 rainy season Samantha Melani, Massimiliano Pasqui, Bernardo Gozzini, Francesca Guarnieri, Alberto Ortolani, Andrea Antonini, Vincenzo Levizzani, Roberto Ginnetti  
Near real-time CloudSat processing at the Naval Research Laboratory Cristian Mitrescu, Steven Miller, Jeff Hawkins, Joe Turk, Tristan L'Ecuyer, Partain Philip  
An intercomparison study of MODIS-derived and WRF-simulated cloud data Jason Otkin, Tom Greenwald  
Comparison and statistical analysis of cloud properties derived from POLDER and MODIS Frederic Parol, Claudine Vanbauce, Jérôme Riédi, François Thieuleux, Zegbeu Poussi, Anne Lifermann  
Evaluation of Meteosat-8/SEVIRI retrieved cloud depth for water clouds using CloudNet sites Simone Placidi, Rob Roebeling, Dave Donovan, Reinout Boers, Herman Russchenberg  
Evaluation of the diurnal cycle of model predicted cloud liquid water path with MSG-SEVIRI observations Rob Roebeling, Erik van Meijgaard , Arnout Feijt  
Improving cloud climatology analysis using space lidar observations: comparison of SEVIRI and PARASOL with CALIPSO Genevieve Seze, J. Pelon, C. Vanbauce, F. Parol, J. Riedi, H. Legleau, M. Derrien  
Large-scale validation of daily rainfall estimates of uncorrected and corrected AMSU-B derived rain rate retrievals Daniel Vila, Ralph Ferraro, Huan Meng, John Janowiak  
Tropical rainfall-surface temperature relations using TRMM precipitation data Jian-Jian Wang, Robert Adler, Guojun Gu  
Comparison of SEVIRI and MODIS cloud phase determination over mid-latitude regions Erwin Wolters, Rob A. Roebeling, Hartwig M. Deneke, Arnout J. Feijt  


Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Spectral signatures of climate change in the Earth's infrared spectrum between 1970 and 2006 John Harries, Claudine Chen, Helen Brindley, Mark Ringer  


Poster presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Large-scale WRF-simulated proxy atmospheric profile datasets used to support GOES-R research activities Jason Otkin, Hung-Lung Huang, Tom Greenwald, Erik Olson, Justin Sieglaff  


Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Towards a comprehensive approach to product generation from Meteosat imagery Philip Watts, Stephen Tjemkes  
AMV height assignment using Meteosat Second Generation Regis Borde  
Moisture profile retrievals from satellite microwave sounders for weather analysis over land and ocean Stan Kidder, Andrew Jones, Thomas Vonder Haar, John Forsythe  
Retrieval of aerosol properties from SEVIRI using visible and infrared channels Elisa Carboni, Gareth Thomas, Roy Grainger, Daniel Peters, Elies Campmany, Andy Sayer, Caroline Poulsen, Richard Siddans, Helen Brindley  
Delineation of raining from non-raining clouds during night-time using Meteosat-8 data Thomas Nauss, Boris Thies, Jörg Bendix  


Poster presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Retrieval of microphysical and optical characteristics of mixed frontal clouds from multispectral satellite data Vladimir Bakhanov, Olexiy Kryvobok, Boris Dorman  
Assessment of algorithms for land surface analysis down-welling long-wave radiation at the surface Carla Barroso, Isabel F. Trigo, Pedro Viterbo, Sandra C. Freitas  
A high spectral resolution global land surface infrared emissivity database Eva Borbas, Suzanne W. Seemann, Elisabeth Weisz, Leslie Moy, Robert O. Knuteson, Hung-Lung Huang  
On the use of a SEVIRI-based statistical rainfall classification technique calibrated with TRMM-PR over southern Mediterranean Davide Capacci, Elena Cocchi, Franco Prodi, Federico Porcu  
Notes on calculation of the SEVIRI band IR3.9 reflectivity Zdenek Charvát  
GERB-like data from Meteosat First Generation Nicolas Clerbaux, Cedric Bertrand, Didier Caprion, Bart De Paepe, Steven Dewitte, Luis Gonzalez, Alessando Ipe  
Quantification of uncertainties in retrieved cloud properties from satellite imagers Hartwig Deneke, Robert Roebling  
Error propagation in the LSA-SAF algorithm for land surface temperature Sandra Coelho Freitas, Isabel Franco Trigo, José Bioucas Dias  
Reconstruction and visualization of 3D wind fields from satellite image sequences Patrick Héas, Karl Krissian, Etienne Mémin, André Szantai  
Motion estimation of 2D atmospheric layers from satellite image sequences Patrick Héas, Etienne Mémin, Nicolas Papadakis, André Szantai  
Improvement of retrieval skill for the Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit/Microwave Humidity Sounder and the Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder by footprint matching Thomas Kleespies  
Improvements to the neural network retrieval of Layer Precipitable Water including an IR SEVIRI local radiance-bias correction Miguel Angel Martinez, Mercedes Velazquez, Gabriela Cuevas, Juan Ruiz 9
Snowfall rate retrieval using AMSU/MHS passive microwave data Huan Meng, Ralph Ferraro, Banghua Yan  
Motion estimation of 2D atmospheric layers with variational assimilation techniques Nicolas Papadakis, Patrick Héas, Etienne Mémin  
Approximation of aerosol type over land surfaces from MSG-SEVIRI data Christoph Popp, Michael Riffler, Stefan Wunderle, Adrian Hauser  
Comparison of MSG dense atmospheric motion vector fields produced by different methods Andre Szantai, Anne Cuzol, Patrick Heas, Nicolas Papadakis, Etienne Memin, Bernhard Wieneke, Luis Alvarez, Florian Becker, Pierre Lopes  
Sensor specific error statistics: a case study of the AVHRR-derived Adriatic SST Igor Tomazic, Milivoj Kuzmic, Giulio Notarstefano, Elena Mauri, Pierre-Marie Poulain  
Analysis of light precipitation detection from TRMM, AMSR-E and CLOUDSAT F. Joseph Turk, Ralph Ferraro, Nai-Yu Wang, Cristian Mitrescu, Steven Miller  
Analysis of the SST split-window equation using the synergy between Meteosat Second Generation and NOAA polar satellites Jose Antonio Valiente, Raquel Niclòs, María Jesús Barberá, María José Estrela  


Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Keynote Presentation: Objectives of the THORPEX working group on data assimilation and observing strategies for high impact weather forecast improvements Florence Rabier, Pierre Gauthier , Carla Cardinali, Ron Gelaro, Ko Koizumi, Rolf Langland, Andrew Lorenc, Peter Steinle, Mickael Tsyrulnikov  
Recent Advances in Satellite Data Assimilation John Le Marshall, James Jung, Stephen Lord, John Derber, Mitchell Goldberg, Walter Wolf, Fuzhong Weng, Lars-Peter Riishojgaard, James Yoe, Tom Zapotocny  
Implementation of AIRS assimilation at MSC Louis Garand, Alain Beaulne, Nicolas Wagneur, Jacques Halle, Sylvain Heilliette  


Poster presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Doppler Wind Lidar Measurement Scenarios in the Tropics Nedjeljka Zagar, Ad Stoffelen, Gert-Jan Marseille, Christophe Accadia, Peter Schlüssel  


Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
HOAPS-3: improved climatology of the global ocean water cycle parameters derived from SSM/I satellite data Axel Andersson, Christian Klepp, Hartmut Graßl, Stephan Bakan, Karsten Fennig, Jörg Schulz  


Verbal presentations
Title Authors including Presenter File Size
Status of the OSI SAF Guenole Guevel  
Validation of the OSI SAF radiative fluxes over the equatorial Atlantic during AMMA experiment Anne Marsouin, Pierre Le Borgne, Gérard Legendre  
OSI-SAF Sea Ice Lars-Anders Breivik, Steinar Eastwood, Thomas Lavergne, Morten Lind, Rasmus Tonboe