CopernicusTEDx “Decoding the Blue Dot” event at EUMETSAT

Copernicus TEDx “Decoding the Blue Dot” event

EUMETSAT will host a TEDx event organised by the RheinMain TEDx group.

CopernicusTEDx “Decoding the Blue Dot” event at EUMETSAT
CopernicusTEDx “Decoding the Blue Dot” event at EUMETSAT

The Decoding the Blue Dot event is sponsored by the EU Copernicus Programme and will take place on 16th November, involving 6-7 invited talks with a focus on the applications of Earth observation data, and in particular, data from the Copernicus Programme.

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21 January 2021

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30 October 2017

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Speakers include:

Event Schedule

17:00 17:45 Check-In
17:45 17:55 Introduction Wolfgang Weicht TEDx RheinMain
17:55 18:05 Welcome address Mark Higgins EUMETSAT
18:05 18:25 Speaker 1 Pierre-Yves Cousteau Cousteau Divers
18:25 18:45 Speaker 2 Pierre Bahurel Mercator Ocean
18:45 19:05 Speaker 3 Hayley Evers-King Plymouth Marine Laboratory
19:05 19:50 Break
19:50 20:00 Welcome Back Mark Higgins EUMETSAT
20:00 20:20 Speaker 4 Kwame Adu Ageyum University of Ghana
20:20 20:40 Speaker 5 Remko Scharoo EUMETSAT
20:40 21:00 Speaker 6 Miles Lindner EXCISS
21:20 21:30 Closing address
21:30 22:30 Networking

The event will be filmed and streamed live on the internet and all the presentations will also be available after the event on the TEDXRheinMain site and on the official TEDX YouTube site.

About Copernicus

Copernicus is a European system for monitoring the Earth using satellites and in situ sensors. The Earth observation satellites contributing data to Copernicus are split into two groups of missions: the Copernicus Sentinels and the Contributing Missions – find out more. Data from these sources are then processed and provided to users through a set of six Copernicus services: land, marine, atmosphere, climate change, emergency management and security. The Copernicus programme provides users with free, full and open access to environmental data.