DCP messages. Credit: pxhere

Science studies


Improving EUMETSAT product quality through scientific studies

DCP messages. Credit: pxhere
DCP messages. Credit: pxhere

To continually improve quality and respond to end user needs, EUMETSAT conduct a range of scientific studies for the evolution of our operational products suite and for the development of new products.

Last Updated

28 May 2024

Published on

16 April 2020

Operational missions


Geostationary Ocean Colour demonstration products

Instantaneous retrieval of aerosol properties from geostationary imagers using i-AERUS-GEO


Level 1

Copernicus Sentinel-3 SLSTR thermal infrared uncertainties and level 1-0 monitoring


Aerosol for Copernicus EUMETSAT Swansea (ACES)
AIRWAVE-SLSTR: an algorithm to retrieve TCWV from SLSTR measurements over water surfaces
AIRWAVE-SLSTR follow-on study
Cloud top pressure development from Sentinel-3 OLCI
Improvement of the Copernicus Sentinel-3 OLCI Water vapour product - COWa
Sentinel-3 synergy cloud mask development
SLSTR AOD retrieval performance (SARP)


Altimeter 1D-VAR Tropospheric Correction (AMTROC)
BRDF correction of S3 OLCI water reflectance products
Daily Photosynthetically Available Radiation for S3 OLCI Ocean Colour
Evolution of a Bayesian cloud detection scheme
Ocean Colour Fluorescence product
Ocean Colour Bright Pixel correction
Ocean Colour Standard Atmospheric Correction module
Science for Marine Surface Temperature (Sci4MaST)
Sea-ice surface temperature retrieval and validation for Copernicus Sentinel-3 Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer
Sentinel-3 Altimetry GPD+ Wet Tropospheric Correction
Sentinel-3 OLCI Inherent Optical Properties (IOP)
Spectral matching Atmospheric Correction for Sentinel Ocean colour measurements (SACSO)

Future programmes



ComboCloud: MW & IR sounding of cloud properties
ERA - Enhanced Retrieval of Aerosol properties: reference and NRT algorithm prototype for the 3MI mission
Geolocation Assessment/validation Methods for EPS-SG ICI and MWI (GAMES)
O2 band Cloud Top Pressure retrieval with METimage
Optimal interpolation scheme for MWI and ICI
Optimisation of the GRASP Algorithm for the 3MI L2 aerosol retrieval
Scattering properties of frozen hydrometeors at MW and sub-mm wavelengths
3MI cloud algorithm development support
Development of a cloud radiation database for EPS-SG ICI IWP retrieval


Characterisation of ocean surface roughness in NWP


Snow Cover/Extent Demonstrator from Optical Sensors (SEDOS)


Development of an alternative hyperspectral Moon phase reddening model
Geometrical quality assessment tool
Inter-comparison of satellite-based volcanic ash retrieval algorithms supporting WMO SCOPE-Nowcasting
Ocean Colour Multi-Mission Algorithm Prototype System (OMAPS)
Improving BRDF and aerosol models for calibration above desert