FengYun-3B. Credit: CMA/NSMC

DCC and lunar calibration of reflective solar bands


FengYun-3B. Credit: CMA/NSMC
FengYun-3B. Credit: CMA/NSMC

Presentation from Associate Professor Lin Chen, from China Meteorological Administration (CMA).

Last Updated

30 May 2022

Published on

27 January 2016

During his time as a visiting scientist Professor Lin Chen presented his work on calibration methods. Based on Deep Convective Clouds (DCC) and lunar the methods investigated radiometric calibration reflective solar bands.

Through cooperative work with EUMETSAT scientists, Professor Chen succeeded in applying these two methods in the radiometric calibration on Reflective Solar Bands (RSBs) of both FY2 and FY3.

In his presentation he shared his experience on applying GIRO (GSICS Implementation of the ROLO model) on FY2E, which suffers from the straylight effect and low quantization level. For DCC, sensitive tests for MODIS, which is thought to be the ‘true radiometric reference’, were implemented including different BRDF models, different areas, long-term trend and statistic methods.