Press Release - 20111214 - Estonia

Estonia signs accession agreement with EUMETSAT

Press Release - 20111214 - Estonia
Press Release - 20111214 - Estonia

The Republic of Estonia today signed the accession agreement to become a full Member State of EUMETSAT

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23 September 2020

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14 December 2011

The agreement was signed by Mrs. Keit Pentus, Minister of the Environment of the Republic of Estonia, and Alain Ratier, Director-General of EUMETSAT.

The Republic of Estonia will become a full Member State of EUMETSAT by 2012 after having been a Cooperating State since January 2007. Ratier welcomed the accession of the Republic of Estonia: “By becoming a EUMETSAT Member State, Estonia marks its recognition of the benefits provided by our satellites for the monitoring of weather, climate and the environment and will now be fully involved in the strategic decisions of our ruling Council.”

Mrs. Keit Pentus and Alain Ratier
Mrs. Keit Pentus and Alain Ratier

As a Member State, the Republic of Estonia will participate fully in EUMETSAT’s decision-making process and its industry will be able to bid for contracts, in addition to maintaining the unlimited access to all EUMETSAT data and products for official duty use it has enjoyed since becoming a Cooperating State.

Pentus stated, “The Republic of Estonia is becoming a EUMETSAT Member State after completing a five-year transition as a Cooperating State. This is a very important step because full membership allows us to share all the data and information needed to further improve our Meteorological and Hydrological Institute and our means to monitor the climate.”

The accession of the Republic of Estonia is contributing to EUMETSAT’s objective to have 31 Member States in 2014.