Earth Space

Earth view


Enjoy the near real-time view of our planet Earth from your screen, or embed in your own website!

Earth Space
Earth Space

Welcome to our new Earth imagery streams, which give the view from the Meteosat weather satellites 36,000km above the Earth.

Last Updated

06 October 2023

Published on

11 September 2023

We have views over the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and these are updated every 15 minutes as new imagery is received. All times are in UTC and there is a 30 minute delay due to the time taken to process each image and add it to the stream.

The imagery shows the natural colour view, the infrared channel (10.8), and the airmass and dust products (dust appears as pink/violet colour).

There is also a stream from the Sentinel-3 Copernicus satellites which shows global natural colour and sea surface temperature.

Satellite imagery acquired by the Meteosat and Copernicus Sentinel-3 satellites can also be accessed using EUMETView, which is available at:

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You can easily share the videos above from your own website by following a few easy steps.

  1. Start from our webpage where the viewers are:
  2. Click on the YouTube logo at the bottom right side of the player screen.

This will open a new browser screen and take you to the live stream on Youtube.

  1. Click on the share button on the bottom of the player as shown here:

This will open a new window:

  1. Click on embed.

If you only want to share on your social media account then click on the logo icon you want to share on.  Follow the instructions as shown on your social media account.

This will open a new window presenting the code to embed on to the source view of your website.

  1. Copy of the code that is presented on the right side of the window.
  2. Paste into your website.
  1. Press save or publish on your website.

Your video will now play on your website.